Ipsy: January 2014

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I just signed up for this last month, I’ve been getting emails from them for over a year now and decided it was time to get them a go. I used to get Birchbox and Glossybox US, but I kept getting empty samples, which was really stupid! This is my first bag, and I’m pretty excited about it!

Before I get to the bag, I have to mention the shipping issue I had. My bag shipped to me from about an hour away from my house in North Carolina. The next day I found that it had been sent to a shipping company in Georgia.. 4 hours from the warehouse that shipped out my order. It left my state, and went to the next one down to meet up with USPS to come right back.

Yeah, strange….. so I emailed Ispy and let them know about the strange unneccessary state hops. I received an email back later that evening letting me know that this could be a result of a scratched bar code and if I didn’t receive my box by the 20th of the month, they would send me another. So kudos to Angelica at Ipsy Customer Service for the prompt response! Hopefully next month it comes straight to me, and doesn’t take a vacation to another state! >:) (it showed up the very next day)

Okay, here we go!

100D3100191The theme of this months bag is 19 reasons.
Mica Beauty Cosmetics Tinted Lip Balm in Natural: (I had to go to the site to find the name, as it’s not on the pot) Its a dusty rose color. It felt really good when I applied it, but not even 5 minutes later the blam was gone and my lips felt kind of gross after.
Yaby Liquid Foundation in Buff: This is actaully pretty close to my color I believe. So I will be trying this out.
100D3100192I also recived Absolute! Makeup Cleansing Tissue in Pomegranate, and they sort of smell like booze. I felt like I was wiping my face with a cocktail.
Costal Scents small foundation brush, and a Nourish Organic Face Lotion, that smells like weird fruit or something!

Overall I feel like this first bag is already better than other bags and boxes I’ve tried. Nothing was open, or empty, but this was a very boring bag of skincare stuff. The rest of the options this month are the same boring skincare. As far as a $10 monthly sub bag goes, its a pretty good value. I’m excited to see what comes next month, hopefully its things that are more like my quiz answers.

Click here to sign up for Ipsy! I get points for extra stuff if you sign up with my link, and nothing else. 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Ipsy: January 2014

  1. Well I expected at leas tone eye shadow 😦 better luck next month! We sadly don’t have any beauty box/bag services here, I think there is one but It gives you skin care mostly and they are our brands, so you can buy it anywhere anyway.

  2. I got the same organic face lotion and don’t like the smell at all. At first It smelled kind of good and fruity then once I put it on my face it smelled awful and fruity LOL I got the “lip balm” in a pinkish red color which is a nice shade but doesn’t feel like a balm at all- more like a lip color pigment.

  3. I also live in North Carolina, and literally 30 minutes away from where my package originates, and yet every month, my package goes down to GA. I’ve emailed them about it, and I got a bogus answer. So be prepared for your bag to take a field trip every month. 😦 But on a happier note, Ipsy usually sends a lot of makeup, often full sized!
    – Michelle

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