A Bobbi Brown Red Lip

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I’ve been looking for a red lipstick that I would actually wear. I knew I wanted to go with a bigger brand once I found it, for quality and lasting power. I went and looked at a couple popular shades that I was interested in, but sadly the colors were not what I expected and the service was shit. (give you two guesses what brand that was!)

So hubby and I went to the Bobbi Brown counter my MAC girl has moved to. I trust her to not screw me over just for the sale. I told her what I was looking for, and why. So she put Old Hollywood Red on me, and then sent me off to roam around the store in it and see how I felt about it. I loved it, and upon returning to the counter I walked past the lip gloss section and Black Ruby caught my eye. So she threw that on top of the red I already had on, and it was so gorgeous.

Old Hollyw Black Ruby

I thought I wanted a cool, blue red to make my teeth whiter. I have serious self-esteem issues with my teeth, but as I get older the less I give a damn what other people think. I also am more likely as I age to tell people to %%&&@@!$(^ $@(%^^@^@$  ^(@@&$ !%!! @!!! So when I tried on this Cherry Red color and loved it, I was surprised. It’s not what I thought I would like, and Black Ruby on top just adds a ton of depth and shine to it. I can also wear these colors alone, as they are both amazing on their own.


The above photo is from left to right: Black Ruby gloss alone, Old Hollywood Red alone, Gloss and Lipstick together.

Old Hollyw Black Ruby swatch

I’m really bad about chewing on my lips, or putting on lipstick and then going to get a drink. So when I wear this out I usually apply the lipstick, blot, apply another layer, blot and maybe another. It helps get a good stain, then I just carry the gloss with me. So even if I do lose the red I can just wear the gloss and not have that strange left over lipstick thing going on. It’s really a win, win for someone like me who is not used to wearing lip products every day.

I really do love both of these colors, I will be keeping them both as my “Go-To” reds.

Thanks for reading!

15 thoughts on “A Bobbi Brown Red Lip

  1. I’m not really a gloss kind of girl, but that lipstick is gorgeous! It looks lovely on you. I usually go for blue toned reds but i’m seriously tempted to give this one a try next time I’m near a Bobbi Brown counter. Great swatches – thanks 🙂

  2. GORGEOUS red lips! Perfect for V-Day! ❤ I personally love the gloss by itself or the lipstick + gloss combo. I've never tried any Bobbi Brown cosmetics; I'll have to give them a go!

  3. I usually go for the lipsticks more than glosses, but this time I love the gloss 😀 well you look good in all of them anyway. I don’t wear color on my lips every day either, most of the times I just put on lip balm and head out 😀

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