Snow, Sickness, Pink Brows, and Puppies!!


I did a brow pictorial yesterday (that will be up later this week) while I was sick, once I finished drafting up the post I tried to finish my face. I didn’t get far. So here is a post of random shit!!
100D3100218LOL I’m not sure why my husband always looks pissed when I get pictures of him, I swear he is a happy person!!
karmaWhen I stepped outside (in the snow, while I was sick.. like an idiot) my dog was freaking out, jumping all around. I think she likes the snow!!!

She is like a cartoon, always with the funniest looks on her face!! Love this dog!!!!

Then I tried to get a decent picture of my makeup, but I looked like I was about to sneeze in all of them. Probably because I couldn’t breathe. I thought I had managed to make myself look pretty good for being sick, nope!! 😀

I guess I can be happy that I at least got up and did something, and I finally got some snow.


10 thoughts on “Snow, Sickness, Pink Brows, and Puppies!!

  1. Hope you’re feeling better today love! Your brows look awesome as always and you do kinda look like you’re gonna sneeze but in the most sexy possible way! ahhahaha Sexy sneeze bahahhahaaa And yes your hbs looks angry, I kinda feel observed and getting a little scared here 😀 Your pup looks so happy in the snow ^_^ Xxxx

  2. Can’t believe how happy that dog is, jumping around and all, so cute. I do hope you’ll get well soon and be able to breathe. I love your pink brows and purple leggings though 😀 and…I must admit…the male part of Shamy couple does look kind of mad in pictures. It would have been fun to have a picture of him all mad and the dog jumping around him so happy haha 😀

  3. Yay….I love random pictures! Hubs looks happy—contemplative! Pup is adorable frolicking in the snow…as as for you my dear, get well fast. Being sick sucks. And if you are sick you sure make it look fabulous! 😀

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