Pictorial: How I Do My Colored Eyebrows

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BrowhowtocoverColored brows are freaking fantastic!!! So I wanted to show everyone how I do mine.


Above are the products I use, you can use any eyeshadow you have. I personally use my BH Cosmetics 120 palette, they are under $20 and are perfect for me and my eyebrows. I also use Maybelline Great Lash Clear as a brow gel, and to help stick glitter if I use it.


I thought I would share my bare face again, its been a while since I’ve included a no makeup “before” face. There is no full face “after” in the post. I’ve got a cold or something, and I didn’t feel like applying a whole face after I got through with the pictorial!

I am sitting at my computer, drafting up this post with JUST pink eyebrows on! >:)

I always do my brows first, always! Even if I’m doing regular brown brows, I do them first. It makes sure my liner comes out right. That and I do all my eye stuff first anyway, because that’s just how I do it. I brush them out and then remove any stray hairs that have popped up since the day before.

I’m not the only one who wakes up to find 15 new brow hairs that just appeared out of nowhere right??

The first thing I always do, is run some NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk through my brows (you can use a matching color pencil since they do come in a ton of colors, but I always use white). Mine are pretty dark, so if I want to get bright color payoff I do this (It also helps grab and hold the color). I use an angled liner brush and push it through like brow powder. Brush backwards through your brows to get the backside of the hairs covered for even brighter payoff! I clean up any spots where I colored outside of the lines with a Q-Tip.

ApplycolorOnce I have the shape I’m going for, I start adding color. With the same brush, I pack it on until the white is covered and I’m happy with the result! Sometimes I will use lighter colors in the front for a more natural blend… LOL because maybe I was born with fabulous pink brows!!!

GlitterWhen I do glitter brows, I do them the same way until I get to the brow gel. I put the gel on the back of my hand, and use the angled brush to pick it, and the glitter up. I apply them at the same time, I pat it on rather than slide so I don’t get much fallout. Glitter is a major bitch to get off of your face, another reason I always do eyes first!!!


Colored brows are fun, and who really cares what strangers think about it? I went out the other day with a pink to purple gradient brow on, and the cashier at CVS wouldn’t look me in the face. Her problem, not mine… I sure as hell bounced my colorful ass through that store like I owned the place!!!!

If you want to wear them, I say GO FOR IT!!

I hope this post was helpful, and if you find yourself with colored brows I would love to see them!

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24 thoughts on “Pictorial: How I Do My Colored Eyebrows

  1. These all look so great but I especially love the pink. I might actually be brave and try this look at a party sometime so thanks for the tutorial 🙂

  2. I really like the tutorial. I’ve only ever painted my eyebrows once and that was last Halloween 😛 Mine are kind of obstinate, so I actually use hairspray to keep them in one shape for a whole day. I use my plastic lash comb to apply it onto the eyebrows.

  3. Ahhh those amazing colorful brows *-* So glad you shared, I’m gonna try them out sooner or later for sure! The makeup and green brows *________________* Soooo gorgeous! Italians already look at you like a prostitute if you wear a bit more makeup so I don’t know what they’d do if I went out with colored eyebrows 😀

  4. I always do my eyes and brows first too, because I always get messy and that way I don’t have to wipe off my foundation and redo it when I mess it up. 😀 I want to wear coloured brows like you do, they are so fun and you look like you own the place anyway ahaha 😀 I shall do a look with coloured brows and dedicate it to you. 😀 Now I just have to decide the hue hehe

  5. LMAO! “I sure as heck bounced my colorful ass throughout the store”… friggin’ died laughing! I’ve never tried the colorful brow before, I was cursed with thick dark brows, which I keep groomed lol, but I never thought to add anything to my brows until recently. I’ve used a dark brown eye shadow to help even my natural brow out, but again, never even thought about the colorful brow. I couldn’t wear something like this at work, but I am totally going to whip out a red or pink for v-day and maybe green for St. Patty’s day…. who knows! I don’t have any eye pencils or items in white to cover-up my brow, do you think the color would pop / show up at all if I just skipped the white pencil step?

    1. >:) Good for you, you should try it out.

      I have dark brow hairs too, I have skipped the white before but I used a sealing gel to mix the color into a liquid. The first picture in this post, the red one is done like that. I have also used just a white eyeliner pencil, and it works just as well. I think the white pencil I have is a cheap NYC one from Wal-Mart.

      It does show up, but not very bright at all.

  6. You’re an inspiration to all of us 🙂 I love colorful brows, but I never thought of using brow gel to set glitter (I’m ashamed to say I use clear lipgloss…oops) so thanks so much for the tips!!

  7. I just happen to google “colorful eyebrows” and found your site. You and “your colorful ass” are hilarious 😆

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