Update: New Hair & FOTD


I got a haircut, I got a haircut, I got a haircut… hey, hey, hey, hey! (Little Rascals anyone?)

Well hello everyone, and welcome to February! I’m gonna start the month off with a hair update, I reached the end of my rope with having long hair. It kept getting stuck in my armpits, it took forever to wash, and was just a general pain in my ass! Not to mention the fact that it was SUPER DRY and dead. So I went and had it cut…. finally……>:)


The salon I found, was totally random. It was near where my son takes his guitar lessons. So I ran in and checked the place out, was super honest with the woman about my feelings on hairdressers and what I was looking for. She took me in the back and asked me what I wanted, to which I answered. ” I have no idea, whatever you think would look good on someone with a small chin and huge forehead.”

I think she did an AMAZING job, literally the best haircut I have E V E R had in my whole life, and probably the first time I’ve planned to return to the same salon.

What do you think, long hair or short?

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24 thoughts on “Update: New Hair & FOTD

  1. You already know what I think, but let me say it again – you look great love! Love this hair on you and I think you’re gonna have to go back to that hairdresses in the future, cause she didn’t ruin you 😀

      1. I didn’t want to, thinking short hair woudn’t look as good….. but omg when she finished getting the lenght off, it felt so good to not have all that weight, I think my head bouced up a inch! LOL

  2. Absolutely love this, suits your face awesomely! I need to get mine cut too, the asymmetrical thing I had is totally grown out and now it lacks volume, is shorter from behind and kind of dead at the ends. This is a great inspiration. I guess it’s time for me to find a salon here in the UK, I can’t wait another 3 to 5 months (not sure yet if I can go home for Easter even). 😀

  3. I’ve recently said goodbye to long hair too 😀 yeah she did a great job, now you can buy more makeup with the money you save on shampoo, dye and conditioner ahaha 😀 and you can just shower and leave in 15 minutes without water dripping off your hear 0_o

  4. You look great with short hair! I personally look terrible with short hair, so cudos to you! 🙂 I hear you about hairdressers, some of them can’t be trusted. If I can’t go to my hairdresser, I’d rather do my own hair!

    1. Every time I go to one, I hate them. They are snotty and rude, and they talk shit about customers to each other. Or they look at you like you’re stupid for wanting blue hair…

      I found a good one… finally!! !

      1. I go to my hairdressers house, id never go to a salon again because they’re so expensive here! Yay that’s awesome! 🙂

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