Review: Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Crayon


I purchased this at the same time as the Lolita Palette (Click Here To Go To My Review On That) I went with the black one, named Blacquer. I’ve had my eye on this liner for quite a while now. I was reaching the end of my Makeup Forever Aqua Liner, so I thought it was time to try this one!


This product is meant to be a gel eyeliner in a pencil shape for easy application and travel…. and it is just that! Yes it was a $25 eyeliner, but a little goes a LONG way!


Before purchase I swatched it a few times, and was surprised to find that it was difficult to get off of my hand. I do get a full days wear with no problems.

Lineswatch+washThe swatch above is an application straight from the pencil, I let it sit long enough to cap the pencil before I swiped my finger over it to smudge it. I wasn’t gentle either. The last picture is after I washed my hands with hot water and soap, and dried with a towel.
It does have a mini sharpener in the bottom, but at $25 a pop I wont be wasting any of it for a sharp point. Besides, I find that because the product is so soft, using it straight from the pencil is sometimes too much.

For everyday wear I usually smudge a bit on the outside edge of my lash line and then move it into position with an angel liner brush. For waterline wear, I do use it straight from the pencil, but with a light hand.

I probably won’t buy this again, the price point is just flat-out stupid. These are packaged in metal twist up tubes, so you don’t have to sharpen, BUT you get fooled into thinking there is as much in this pencil as any other.

The Marc Jacobs liner contains 0.5 grams for $25, that’s $50 a gram!!!! The packaging is the same size as any pencil liner, but with half as much inside.

Make Up Forever Aqua Liner in Black contains 1.2 grams for $19 which is about $16 per gram.

MAC Blacktrack Fluid Line is 3 grams for $16 which is about $5 per gram.

Illamasqua’s Sealing Gel works up to about .60c per gram, and you can use it with any powder item you already own. (Not including the cost of the powder you mix with it)

Yes, this is a fantastic liner. However, the bullshit packaging and price tag really put me off. There are so many more cost-effective options around, so no I will not be re-purchasing this!

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UPDATE: 3-18-14

I have reached the end of this product, which just adds to my disappointment. I purchased this 2 months and 1 week ago. I didn’t use it every single day, and when I did it was in my upper waterline. I also did not use the sharpener in the bottom, which would have wasted some product.  This is the quickest I have ever used up a product! If I were to re-purchase and use this as an everyday liner, it would cost $150 a year! Of course I understand it’s a luxe brand and all that jazz, but I feel robbed! Yes its a pretty good liner, but it’s not “that” good!

I find myself really angry at eyeliner of all things, leave it to me to talk shit to an inanimate object!! I love it, but I hate it. I love that its gel in a pencil form…. but I can’t warrant spending that much on a liner than only lasts 2 months!

Comment below and let me know the quickest you’ve used up a liner. Gel, pencil, liquid, any kind!

❤ L

32 thoughts on “Review: Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Crayon

  1. I agree, not worth it when there are SO may other amazing black eyeliners out there much more worth their price tags! Id rather try something more unique from this line like a nail polish or lip product.

      1. It was $160 per gram in 2010.
        If cut with something it runs about $60-80 per gram.
        So yes, this eyeliner is priced the same as cut street cocaine!

        God Bless the internet!

  2. I’ve been wondering about this brand, so thanks for the review! I definitely won’t be shelling out that much money for this eyeliner! I’ll stick to my Urban Decay liners. 🙂

  3. Great Review, I love honest Reviews because you know what you are really getting from a product. I would have been upset as well if the eyeliner went out quick like that, especially when you can get another product cheaper with the same results.

    1. Yes, I still have the same Make Up Forever black pencil liner I was replacing with this… and with Urban Deacy putting out gel, and felt pen liners. No Marc Jacobs, just no!

      Thank you for reading!!

  4. Compared this to cocaine!!! HAHAHA!! It is very expensive and it does work great, but you are so right about there being other cheaper options out there that work just as good!

  5. I would definitely feel jipped if I had bought this eyeliner! I use the UD 24/7 Glide on Pencil in Zero as my go-to pencil liner right now and that has lasted me a really good amount of time. UD is a few dollars cheaper, is soft, and I guess lasts longer! There are really so many good liners to choose from that you can’t possibly stick with one you don’t absolutely love. Thanks for the review!

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