FOTD 2.7.2014

Makeup, Random-ness

Happy Friday to you all, I hope your weekends are bad ass and full of fun things!
2.11.14I didn’t do this look on purpose, I just sat down and this came out. My brows game me some shit, and I had to do them twice. Which pissed me off.


I pretty much used one brush for this, but that’s only because all of my brushes are dirty. I really need to clean my brushes…. but I’m so lazy!

Also, here is my husband wishing you all a booger free weekend! Seriously, I don’t know what the hell he is doing here!

See you on Monday!

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(Oh yeah, and I just noticed while looking at the preview. The new blush I tried makes me look like I have some sunburn. WTF?)

20 thoughts on “FOTD 2.7.2014

  1. Happy Friday to you love, your booger free husband and your sweet little man 🙂 Your makeup looks great! I was thinking you guys should totally do a vlog channel on youtube! You guys are so fun and Shane would put Benjiman to shame with his cooking hahhahah

    1. We thought about making one to do science stuff on. There is some shit going around the US about the show being fake, because it wont melt and turns black if you hold a lighter to it… he made a video explainging why.

  2. *_* I love this eyeshadow look! It really suits your eye colour 😀 Well, at least your brows look good after 2 attempts!

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