Manicure: Simple Polka Gradient

Dot, Manicures, Ombre / Gradient


I wanted to put out two Valentine’s Day manicures. One of them I wanted to be very understated, and wearable all year long.

I got this idea from Eva over at Flight Of Whimsy (click here to go to that post)This manicure started as something completely different, but I screwed it up and got mad. So I was thinking of something else to do and her awesome dotted gradient mani popped in my head.


I only did an accent nail, since I’m not a huge fan of the color pink. I get a simple, and clean Valentine’s Day manicure without wearing 10 fingers of a color I don’ t like!!

The dots over the gradient is so freaking cute it’s not even funny. I can see me wearing this quite often.

Products Used:
Illamasqua: Monogamous
Hard Candy: Little Hottie
Seche Vite Top Coat
Dotting Tool

14 thoughts on “Manicure: Simple Polka Gradient

  1. Oh Amy! This is such a cute idea ❤ With these colours and the reverse dots 🙂 I'll try this when my nails grow out a bit, now they are so short I can't even paint a row of dots on them 😀

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