Snow, Root Canals, Puppies, and even more Snow!


Guest Post by Mr. Llewsoba!

So, Llewsoba has been feeling under the weather. She had a problem with a tooth, went on antibiotics and her poor face swelled up until she looked like Quagmire on “Family Guy”. In the interest of helping her out, I’m going to draft and blog for her today. Oh lord, here we go….


So, your esteemed Beauty Blogger extraordinaire and the organizer/cryptkeeper of the Llewsoba Estate has been feeling tired and generally mediocre for about a week. No laundry, no house cleaning, no dishes, just blah. I understand, I really do. She tries but gets worn out.. then does this:

sleepytimeBut she started to perk up once we got her loaded on antibiotics and got her face poked full of holes by the dentist. While we were in the dentist’s office, the fabulous Dr. Virtue by the way, it started to snow. HARD! We were forecast 8″-10″ but it turned into closer to 12″-14″ by the time it was done. That’s what, 30-35cm?  Snow always perks her up and affords lots of opportunity for merrymaking! 


This is on the way to pick up her prescriptions, less than 1 hour after it started snowing! We do NOT get this kind of snow here in North Carolina. It was absolutely ridiculous how quick it accumulated. The young’un went over to my mom’s to keep her company and we stayed in and watched movies. The next morning, we let Karma out to go play in the snow:

100D3100248Also, I let Llewsoba out to play as well!

100D3100247Then it was playtime!!
DSC_0199Pulling the Kayak behind the truck, (Click here to go to YouTube and watch the video of this!).
DSC_0090Pulling Llewsoba and the brat:
DSC_0153So, we go in this week or next, sometime.. Tuesday..ish maybe? to get Llewsoba’s root canal finished. Hopefully she’ll be back up to speed soon, and if not, I’ll put together another post on something, maybe how to change a tire or sharpen a straight razor. Let me know what you want to see in the comments below!


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12 thoughts on “Snow, Root Canals, Puppies, and even more Snow!

  1. Awww, good job Shane! And thank you taking care of our sweet Amy. I also recommended her some cleaning videos on youtube (CleanMySpace) so you can be even more helpful….hehhhehee Here it’s starting to look like spring, but Mother Nature might pull a prank and bring snow in march, cause that’s what she does….pulls pranks on us 🙂 Have a great day you guys and kisses to Amy! ❤

  2. Oh dear I hope you feel better and everything gets resolved tomorrow so you can be back to your self again. And back here.
    Good job Mr. Pervswell! I love you guys, you are so fun, how crazy was it to do that haha? I love your lady dog’s jacket, she’s the fashionista out there. For next time you can do a cooking post here, put something nice together for Amy and take some pics. We hope she will be better soon.

  3. You did such a good job Shane! I loved reading this post 🙂 And I wish I got to go in the kayak! Hope Amy feels better soon 🙂
    And for the record, I already know how to change a tyre & can do it on my own 😀

    1. Kate, people in Australia learn how to change a tire at like… 4 months old. You don’t have the luxury of waiting for help, too much shit out there can eat you!

  4. Great guest post! What a good hubby 🙂 Look like you had fun despite the tooth pain, I know how bad that can feel! Feel better Amy!!

  5. Oh no poor girl. I hope you feel better really soon and you’re back here blessing us with your nail designs and gorgeous make up. And this is one amazing hubby!!! I don’t know a guy that would do this. Mine def wouldn’t lol

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