I’ve Been Married For 10 Years!!!


This post was sort of requested, I was chatting on Twitter with Maria from Amriaa’s Blog, about random stuff and my upcoming anniversary came up. She agreed I should write up a post about it. So here it is, I’m going to write it up first, and then I think have hubs go through and add his thoughts to it as well. Hub’s posts will be blue.

Hubs and I met in September of 2003, while driving down the road. I was in the car with my friend and he was driving this beat ass thing that was seriously burning a ton of oil. We flirted back and forth going down the road, (I know, safe driving right) then he stopped at a gas station, and so did we.

Yep. I was totally on the way to see a female friend of mine a few towns over. However, my truck was NOT “beat ass”. It was a darned near mint 1976 Ford F150 4×4 with a bored out 400M, Edelbrock aluminum intake manifold and Edelbrock 4bbl carb. Yes, it was smoking, but only because the rear seal on the manifold had a little hole in it.. I called it the mosquito fogger and assumed I was helping to prevent malaria.

10 year anniversaru

We chatted and exchanged numbers, and ended up having dinner that night I believe, his wing man came with us so my friend wouldn’t be alone. Hubs had to pay for their dinner, because they both kind of sucked! We never went out to dinner with them again! My future hubs was such a nice person, it helped that he was super sexy in his uniform!! >:)  Yorp. Both of the “friends” were idiots. Llewsoba likes to taunt me by saying “You could have ended up with “friend”, and my only answer is… No, that was NEVER an option, it was always going to be you!

We only dated for about 3 months, before getting married. Not a whole lot of thinking going on between the two of us at that time. We had motives for getting married, but after ten years they don’t matter anymore.. now do they? My only motive was keeping your fine self on lock!

10 year anniversaru3

4-6 months after that we found out that I was pregnant with what was soon to be, the greatest kid ever!!! Yeah, he’s going to be a pretty awesome dude. We did have a few rough years after that, I didn’t handle pregnancy well at all.. or anything for that matter. Hubs put up with a lot of psycho bitch, so a round of applause for him not murdering me. >:)

Every relationship has it’s peaks and valleys. Anyone who pines for “the perfect one” or what-the-hell-ever is over thinking it. Marriage is hard. Shit, it has times when it feels like hell on earth. But, you put your head down, push through it, and work together to find common ground. Sure, everyone wants to believe it’s the other person’s fault, but going into things with a me-first mindset is setting themselves up for failure. No applause for not murdering you, that’s just part of the process.
10 year anniversaru2

It really has been an interesting ten years, I think I can say we have been through more than most married people go through in 25 years.

Agreed. Deployments, war, mistakes, separations, reconciliations, brokeness, prosperity, politics, religion, childbirth, child rearing, all of the burnt ass food you made that first year.. trust me guys… it was BAD!  All of that makes life interesting and worth living. If you don’t routinely break a (fear OR anger) sweat in the first few years, there might not be enough chemistry to keep you interested for the long haul.
10 year anniversaru1…but here we are, looking at the next ten and it seems so easy now. Taking all the things we have learned from MANY, MANY mistakes and coasting through the next ten like some pro’s!!

See above. My comments are out of sequence.. Lmao. But yeah, thanks for keeping life interesting and keeping me sharp.


I love you husband!! xoxo

You’d better love me, you’re stuck with me now! Oh, and babe…. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I love everything about you, even when I don’t agree with something. You complete me in the weirdest way, and that’s the best part of it all.


Thanks for reading! 😀

23 thoughts on “I’ve Been Married For 10 Years!!!

  1. Aww, you got me all tearing and emotional you two 😦 Happy anniversary! It’s funny looking at all the pictures, Amy you look quite the same, I can’t see any aging signs, are YOU a vampire? 0_o hehe. And you changed a bunch of hair colours, but this one now is my favorite 😀
    Your story is so cute because it took you such a small amount of time to know that you want to be together forever, you just look like the perfect couple. I know you can agree that there is no such thing as “meant to be” (except when you are in the grocery store and you passed through the chocolate isle and 32437468 boxes of chocolate fall into your cart. You can’t make that up, that is a sign from whichever god you want that you have to bring them home with you and eat them all). But there is working hard on coexisting with the other person if you really love him, I haven’t been married for ten years but it’s great to see that all the patience from the first ones pays off haha. I guess you just have to find the person who will be willing and who will know that sometimes even the most compatible couples have arguments.To be you are a perfect couple anyway, and incredibly fun 😀 Arghhhh I must meet you some day.
    Aww, Amy you burned the food for a year ah? I am not glad to hear that, but it does give me a little hope that one day I too will pass my burning pasta phase and become a good cook. Or, you know, at least one that doesn’t kill you.
    Happy anniversary again, love you guys!

    1. Trust me, I’ve aged!! LOL
      It really didn’t take long for me to love him, he just blew me away the first day!!! Yes I did make some nasty food the first few years, overcooked, salty, just flat out nasty shit!!!


  2. Awwww this such a sweet lovestory, got all emotional and gushing ^_^ My mom always said to me and my brothers that the perfect person doesn’t exist, you just have find one with whos flaws you can co-exist the best 🙂 I always remind me that when hubs gets on my nerves 😀 I think it’s so romantic that you got married after so few time together, in my eyes that’s how real love is: or you know it’s the right person for you from the beginning or it’s not the right person! You guys are awesome and you are both such sweet and lovely people (not crying just got some ehmm dust in my eyes *sob*) and I wish you all the happyness in the world! It is true that marriage/relationships are hard work but it’s all worth it. In my case I was the one who tried to run for the hills a few times in the beginning but hubs taught me the right way to handle things and made me love him even more ^_^ Happy Anniversary!!!!!!! PS! It’s so weird to see Shane without the beard hahhahaa

    1. Xoxo I think its sort of the best part about marriage… somedays I want to punch him in the face, and then I can’t stop hugging him!!

      Wasn’t he handsome without it.. and clean and sexy in that uniform. I do like him all beardy and cranky eyed though!

      1. Awww yes! I’ve had momenta when I thought this wasn’t ment to be or that I wasn’t in love anymore but instead things got even better then before ❤ I think Mr.Cranky Eye looks good with beard, plus beard is quite a trend right now 😉

  3. Happy Anniversary! Our 7 years is coming up next month, although we’ve been together for 13 years total. Where does the time go?? I loved this post because it really showed a true and accurate picture of what married life is really like! Good times and bad, but you’re still there for each other!!

  4. Well this is so damn sweet. You both seem to be very blessed and a perfect match for each other. Real love is so rare these days and people working on their issues and sticking through it even more rare. You guys found it in each other and that’s a beautiful thing. Happy Anniversary Amy!
    I hope you don’t burn the food anymore! ahahaha xoxoxo

  5. Congratulations to you both. Your family story is lovely and your pictures are adorable. The traditional anniversary gift for the tenth is tin/aluminum. Please try not to kill each other. I’d love to read about further family bliss. Ya’lls are seriously cute.

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