Face Of The Day: Sick Zombie to Normal

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If you don’t know already, I have been out with an abscess for a while now. As I write this I’m taking 2 antibiotics and generally feeling like shit. I’m due for a root canal, but I can’t have it until my infection goes away. If it doesn’t go away, they are going to just pull the tooth. My husband was kind enough to guest post for me (Click here to be taken to that post) earlier this week. He added some pity party pictures of me just being my sick self!!

I think it’s probably been 10 days since I’ve put anything on my face. I’ve managed to wash it in the shower, but moisturizer was pushing it sometimes. I finally got around to doing a whole face of makeup the other day. I wanted to see if I could get myself at least looking normal. It took me probably twice as long to do, and all of my energy. I looked good taking my nap though. 😀

I took the before picture pre-shower and didn’t even try to look happy about it. I swear this is probably the worst picture of me….EVER!

BeatfaceinfectionI went full on beat face, I color corrected, highlighted, contoured, and concealed. I suppose this could be considered a “Light Beat” since you can still see my freckles. However this is still a metric shit to of makeup on my face! So hoooray for making myself look pretty when I feel like balls!!!

Products used: (I swear all of this is on my face in that picture!!)

Maybelline Baby Skin
Graftobian Corrector Pallete
Graftobian HD Palette: Warm
Urban Decay Naked Skin: 3.5
Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector: Opal
Illamasqua Gleam: Aurora
Chanel Soleil De Tan
MAC MSF: Give Me Sun
Benefit Boi-ing: #2
Bobbi Brown translucent Powder
Make Up Forever Hd Powder
Maybelline Master Blush: Pink Rose
Too Faced Chocolate Bar
Illamasqua Sealing Gel
No7 Lash Adapt Mascara
No7 Beautiful Brows
Revlon Lipgloss: Kiss Me Coral

11 thoughts on “Face Of The Day: Sick Zombie to Normal

  1. Morning love, you look beautiful and glowing, great job 😉 That is exactly what makeup was invented for 🙂 to make us pretty when we look/feel like crap. Hope you’ll have a good day! See ya on twitter Xx

  2. Look at those light roots ahaha! 😀 You are also a natural blonde who dyes her hair black. I am sorry you still don’t feel good, poor thing. But you must admit you look pretty healthy with a bit of makeup on hehe. If I ever go barefaced out and I am as healthy as can be, people still ask me if I have the flu or something because my face looks weird…no, that’s just my face! Anyway glad to see you ❤

    1. 🙂 Yeah I’m aging my dye so I can go back to fun colors without hurting my hair. Not quite blonde, but mousy brown.

      I really was amazed at how much better I was able to make myself look. I just knew the “Blech” was going to come through!

  3. You are a magician with makeup! I would think that you’d look crazy with all of the products listed on your face (so many), but you look absolutely magnificent! Natural and not over make-up’ed at all! Great job!

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