Ipsy: February 2014

Reviews, Subscriptions

I was pretty excited waiting for this, being the Valentine’s Day bag….but it got held up because of the snow storm!

100D3100256After being bored to tears with the January bag, I could only hope that this one would be more exciting. I did take a look at my Glam Room this month to see how I would feel about it, and it was a much better bag than last month.

100D3100257I received the Eyetini Cream Shadow Base in Violette, which is a really pretty, shimmery purple color. A mini POP Beauty Plump Pout in Fuchsia Freesia, which is actually a really attractive pink color. The shadow base, and the lip gloss both have a really gross plastic smell to them.

I am really excited about the Zoya nail polish, since I’ve never tried the brand… but the color is…. ewww! Might be a good “nude” color for me to use with gradients though!!!

J.Cat Beauty Lashes in #13 which are a spiky natural looking lash.

Lastly, I got a two-step mud mask. I’m actually looking forward to trying.

The inside of the bag is super cute, with pink and white leopard print!! The value of this bag is really great since the Zoya polish goes for $9.00!!

This is my second bag, and I really enjoyed it. I am starting to think the quiz you take to personalize your experience is not even involved in this. I answered with things like ” Will try anything” and  “adventurous”, but I get items like baby pink nail polish, rather than the mauve color! Either way, it’s a really good value and it’s always fun to try things you wouldn’t pick out for yourself!

12 thoughts on “Ipsy: February 2014

  1. I found if you review each product it helps customize your bag. Ive stopped getting certain things from them like certainnvolors and products since I have been doing that.

  2. Arghh subscription bags/boxes must be so fun! The bag is super cute. Maybe they didn’t have weird colours on the glosses and nailpolish :-s I hope they satisfy your needs next month with something a bit darker and maybe some bright colours (that aren’t pink…) Enjoy 😀

  3. I think this bag had some cute stuff and I wouldn’t mind a baby pink nail polish 😀 Maybe they just threw in a color that most of people like….The eyelashes seem nice too ^_^

    1. Yeah, I wouldn’t buy it for myself…but it may come in handy. I used the eyeshadow base for the post that goes up tomorrow.

      It’s really nice to get random things I guess!

      1. I think it could be also a nice chance to try out stuff you normally wouldn’t. They should be called Be Adventurous Bags ahahhahaa

  4. I’m with you on that “beauty quiz”. It’s so generic and it doesn’t seem to really customize / personalize each person’s bag. It seems like everyone pretty much gets roughly the same items. I’m not too upset because the value is always great, but I wish there was a better way to customize. I have noticed that reviewing the products after each bag seems to help, at least with colors and what not.

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