The Rainbow Tag


I was tagged by Let’s Talk Cosmetics!! I’m very excited to do this easy and fun tag!


If you haven’t heard of this tag, you simply assemble a rainbow from your beauty / fashion products. That’s pretty much it, just a way to look at all the brilliant colors!

I’ve read a bunch of these tags, and there seem to be different ways to do them. Some are supposed to be your favorite items by colors of the rainbow. I personally wanted to appreciate just having a pile of colorful things for no particular reason.

I really enjoyed making an actual rainbow out of my products, you should try it! 🙂

REdRed: Of which I don’t have many things, as it’s one of my least favorite colors. I have my Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Red lipstick, which is an amazing lipstick. Feels like butter, and is really a fantastic shade. A red lipliner, red eyeshadow and a nail polish!
orangeOrange: I love that China Glaze nail polish, and I swear it’s really that bright. It was late morning when I took this picture so it is just blinding in the picture! I’ve got an Orange Illamasqua eyeshadow in here, it’s the only eyeshadow I have of theirs. It came in a mystery box, and comes in handy quite often. A really good color for blue eyes!

Yellow: Gold counts as yellow right? So here I have a new favorite, and that is my DIY version of Popcorn Lipscrub (post coming soon). I also included the Sephora sponge that I got to replace my Beauty Blender the dog ate. The sponge is CRAP compared!
greenGreen: Is my favorite color, I love anything in green. At one point in time I had a green phone, wallet, and lighter in a green purse! My toner is green, and wonderful. I love The Body Shop.
blue Blue: I have another favorite nail polish, this one is so gorgeous!!! The Blistex is not blue, but at this point I was just grabbing everything with the right colors!
purple Purple: Is everywhere… I feel like purple is a ninja. I like it as a color, but I don’t go out of my way to go for things that are purple. When I pulled items for this post, it was everywhere! Urban Decay Primer Potion, just a must have. Illamasqua varnish.. in any color, it’s that good!

I don’t know if I did this the way its meant to be done, but I had fun doing it the way I did! Since this is a tag, I should probably tag people. However if I don’t tag you, and you’re interested in doing this post… please consider yourself tagged!

I would like to see my girls do this, it’s a quick and fun colorful post!

Thanks for reading. Come by and say hello on Facebook and Twitter!!!

11 thoughts on “The Rainbow Tag

  1. It was fun to read your interpretation of this tag! I already did another version of this tag awhile ago :p I wish I made a mini rainbow though! I love that blue nail polish too 🙂 blue is my favourite colour & purple is my second favourite.

  2. Ahahaha, this was such a fun tag! I don’t have many mono eyeshadows but I’ll se what I can get to do it 😀 I’ll throw in some other stuff where I don’t have the colours, socks, a flower, a cat hehe. You made such a pretty and well organized rainbow *_*

  3. Thanks for tagging me hun. I haven’t been feeling inspired or in the blogging mood so a fun and easy tag like this is a great start ^.^ I’m not that into reds either, I find that red nail polish looks weird on me. My favorite category is blue ofcourse 🙂

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