Manicure: Gray With White Polka Dots

Dot, Manicures

I just wanted to do something easy this time, I’ve been waiting a long time between nail polish changes lately. I was on a weekly schedule, but I’m going more like 2.5 -3 weeks between each manicure! 😦


Clean, simple, dizzying, but really attractive!

greydot2I had to use the end of a makeup brush as my dotting tool, the one I have is a very small dot. You can use a toothpick, makeup brush, or the tip of a pen.

I really like this manicure, I think it will look really nice in bright colors come spring time!

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11 thoughts on “Manicure: Gray With White Polka Dots

  1. I used a toothpick for years before getting a proper dotting tool. Your dots are so perfect, the patter I mean *_* I can never get them like that. Have a great weekend love ❤

  2. It looks beautiful! I have a dark grey nailpolish on too ^_^ Mine looks like s–t though 😀 I really need to start doing my nails more often so I won’t suck at this so much :S

  3. I agree with Amira, your dots and pattern are perfect! I’ll have to try the end of a make up brush, I don’t have a dotting tool! 🙂

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