The Rainbow Tag: Old Makeup Edition

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So I have done The Rainbow Tag, and I tagged Maria! She took this tag and ran with it, and came up with a pretty awesome idea. Old Makeup Looks, and she tagged me back!!


I think it was a brilliant idea and it’s really fun to go back and see if you have a full rainbow of makeup looks! I had some trouble narrowing it down. (Click here to see Maria’s post)

Red: I wear red brows quite a bit, but this look I did for Valentine’s Day 2014 was my favorite. >:)


Orange: I was worried about this one, but no worries…. I found something!!! Orange actually looks really nice on me, because I have blue eyes.
orangetagYellow: I’m cheating with this one, and using a gold look. I have maybe one or two yellow eyeshadows in a palette, but I don’t use them.
2.26.14Green: Is my favorite color, and I wear it A LOT!!!!

greentagBlue: Always looks good, it’s not my favorite color…  but its a bad ass color!

bluePurple: Is another one of those colors that might not be your favorite, but always looks awesome!!


Most of these looks were made possible by a palette I do not go without. I even keep a back up in my cabinet. If you don’t have a 120 palette, get one!! Lots of brands have them, I get mine from BH Cosmetics!

So I’m gonna go ahead and tag everyone in this. If you do colorful looks, please do this tag!!


18 thoughts on “The Rainbow Tag: Old Makeup Edition

  1. You know, I actually only did the tag this way because I don’t have that many eyeshadows/lipsticks/eye pencils etc to show and I basically have the same red colour in different shades ahahaha 😀 but I am SO GLAD you liked it and followed it aaaaaand, look at what a gorgeous post you came up with. I admire all your looks, but the first one, the red one with red eyes is my favourite picture on the internet at the moment. Love it! The only thing that could have made that picture better is having the sexy cat in it too hehe. And your hair looks really neat in it also, so, yeah, best picture ever! 😀 It made my day better, I am at school and it sucks. Great post, my dear, I sure hope more people would do it, I like to see colourfull looks

  2. OMGosh! I have soooo much to say about this post!

    (1) I LOVE the rainbow colored lips; it reminds me of My Little Pony and Rainbow Bright! (2) Love the diva-licious red / evil eyebrows and eyes, (3) HOW did you get those studded brows?! Totally kick-@$$! (4) The orange lips and green brow pic reminds me of a roller derby chick, maybe it’s the pig-tails? Lol! (5) Your yellow, or gold, pics are the most “normal” / tame look. And what I love most about this is how much diversity you have, totally awesome! (6) Love the green eyes! (7) DID YOU DO THE GOREY MAKEUP?! Teach me or link me the blog post! I love all of that crazy / creepy stuff! It looks so real! (8) Stunning and mesmerizing blue / ice colored eye with the purple and green liner.

    SUCH an awesome post!

    1. Hahaha, I can just see you taking a huge breath before all that!!

      Your comments always make me smile, you are so sweet! The studded brows are just jewlery studs from Michaels stuck on with lash glue. Yes I did the Glasgow smile, if you click Halloween in the Categories its maybe the 4th post down.

      I really loved this post, Maria started something with this idea for sure!!!!

    1. I can’t take credit for the idea, the girl who tagged me started this. I linked to her above.

      I did the rainbow lips with a white pencil, and eyeshadow. Topped with gloss.

      1. I’ve seen the rainbow tag (and been tagged) a few places. I’ve enjoyed seeing everyone’s interpretation of it. I’m still working on mine. (getting all the products on my face without looking like a complete clown)

        Thank you so much for the rainbow lips tip! I would have never thought to do that.

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