Favorites: February 2014

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This is not a very exciting month for favorites. I’ve been wearing simple makeup lately, and working on some projects.
Feb2014The Too Faced Chocolate Bar is up again this month, I’ve been reaching for this every day.  I really love the warm colors, and the large highlight pans. (Click here to be taken to a review of this palette)

Anastasia Dipbrow: is my new “go to” brow routine, I haven’t used anything else since I bought it. I haven’t even used brow gel.. I just draw them on, blend and BAM!! (Click here to be taken to a review of this product)

Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Powder: Hubs got me this around Christmas, and its a really nice powder. What else can I say about a white powder? I’ve been using this to set my under eye concealer.

Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes: Since my love/hate relationship with my Marc Jacobs eyeliner I have been using this pencil again, which is a pretty bad ass.

No 7 Lash Adapt Mascara: Is my one and only mascara. I’ve been using this for a year or so, and nothing else. If I need to have big, crazy, wtf lashes I wear falsies.

I’ve got two lip loves this month, and that’s my homemade lip scrub (click here to be taken to recipe) and a lip butter I grabbed from The Body Shop. I got the Satsuma one, mostly because I was curious about its flavor! It’s pretty yummy, but I’m not seeing any long-term moisture hanging around once it absorbs into my lips.

Lastly my olive oil, is still the best thing I’ve done for my skin lately. It’s been really nice not having to worry about buying new makeup remover wipes and fighting the uphill battle with dry skin. Still in love with it, and still no issues with breakouts. (Click here to be taken to a post about this)

Oh yes, and the Watermelon Lemonade candle from Bath and Body Works… SOOO GOOD!!!!

I hope your March is off to a wonderful start!

13 thoughts on “Favorites: February 2014

  1. I need that Anastasia Dipbrow in my life! Maybe I will magically get better at doing my brows…:D Our March definitely got a shitty start but let’s hope it’s all unicorns and rainbows from now on hahhaa Xxxx

    1. Hahaha, its getting better thankfully. Yes you do need the dipbrow in your life… I’m still in love with it. I’m all the time checking out my brows!!!

    1. It’s really good. It doesn’t do a ton, but it does give me nice lashes without clumps! They have other formulas, but none are as good as that one!

  2. LOVE the Satsuma scent; pretty much anything citrus-y! I’m dying to get my hands on the Chocolate Pallet (waiting for a sale) and I still have to try the olive oil thing for my face; I’m just nervous! LOL. I’ve read your review, but the idea of putting oil on my face seems so foreign lol. And do you know if they still sell the Watermelon Lemonade candle? I WANT that! 🙂 Great review and I like this month’s favorites!

    1. I just looked on their website and they still have it.

      As far as the oil goes, read the ingredient list of any makeup remover and you’ll feel better. Some people leave it on, but I always wash my face after, so I don’t feel gross!

  3. Watermelon Lemonade sounds yummy ❤ Uh, if my bath would smell like that. The Chocolate Bar palette was the best purchase ever it seems, you used it a lot and you'll probably almost finish it in one year so you won't have to feel bad about throwing it away hehe 😀 My March is not the best, allergies are crazy and it will be snowing again next week 0_o but I hope to get through it 😀 Happy Woman's Day, you lovely woman you ❤

    1. It smells a-freaking-mazing!! I love it!

      I have been in that chocolate bar palette since I got it. It pushed my really old Naked palette to the back burner!

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