Haul: MAC, Ulta & Essential Oils


DSC_0008I grabbed a few odds and ends this weekend while we were out. I’m really excited about the essential oils for some projects I’ve been working on. Please excuse my crappy pictures and swatches, I was in a hurry.. and lazy!! >:)

macswatcheThe whole reason for going out was to pick up a full size of the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector, but the Sephora I went to doesn’t carry Becca. So while having a chat with my Bobbi Brown girl, she mentioned that I should go check out the MAC Strobe Cream and Luster Drops. The Strobe cream looks and feels really great..and was $9 cheaper than the Skin Perfector, so I went with that. I also grabbed two of the Mineralize Shadows, Smutty Green, and Young Punk, can we just have a moment for that green! Yes, Gorgeous.. I literally squealed when I opened the pot, which alarmed a few people in the area.

100D3100266In Ulta I grabbed a new bottle of Prada Candy, which I LOVE!!! I’ve been trying to get a new bottle since before Christmas, but every time I went in the whole store was just destroyed and they had nothing. This was the second to last bottle. I also got the Urban Decay liner in Freak. I think I’ve been craving some green lately! Can you tell??

DSC_0011Hubs found me a natural health shop where I can get all the oils I need for my DIY beauty items. I grabbed a few to get me started. I’ve been working on skin creams and bath bombs, so keep an eye out for those!

It was nice to get some shopping therapy in before a busy week, let me know in the comments below if there is anything you would like to see a full review on!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

21 thoughts on “Haul: MAC, Ulta & Essential Oils

  1. Wow great haul! I love prada candy too! I want to buy it so badly, but I’m trying to use up one I already have first. And you are so lucky oils are so affordable there! They are so expensive here 😦

      1. yeah 😦 But seeing your oils made me buy some! I just bought some off iherb 🙂

      2. I love oils! I think they are the best for moisturising skin & removing makeup etc. I got jojoba, coconut oil & tea tree oil 🙂

  2. I LOVE CANDY! And not just because of the name, damn thing smells incredible ❤ And the MAC stuff looks very glittery and pretty, it was made for you especially I think, so go ahead and do a crazy look with them 😀 And speaking of reviews…how on earth could you review a perfume? I am thinking to talk about how long it lasts, but I am terrible at describing scents if they don't smell like something precise like vanilla or lilies or I don't know what else. Oh well 😀 Have a beautiful week, can't wait to see how your projects turn out 🙂 xx

  3. Uuuu that green eyeshadow is da bomb! Must be the spring in the air that makes you crave more green ^_^ And I really need to get the same essential oils! Tea Tree would be especially useful after all this flu!

  4. I’ve been wanting to try Prada Candy. I see commercials for it all the time but everytime I am around Sephora or a perfume store I totally forget. Is it sweet just like candy? lol

    1. Ummm.. It’s between a sickly sweet “young” woman perfume and a deeper sexy “older” woman perfume. At least on my skin, You should go steal a squirt next time your out.

  5. OMGosh! The Mineralize Shadows, Smutty Green, and Young Punk are divine! Totally love how they appear to be very buildable, AND sparkly! What more could a girl ask for! And as for your upcoming DIY beauty items, do you have an Etsy shop or have you considered selling them? I’d be down for a bath fizzy for sure!

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