Reviews For Empties: The Body Shop


The Body Shop

I recently discovered The Body Shop, and instantly felt like an ass for not going in to one sooner!! Since then I have been addicted!! I think what I love the most is that I never pay full price for anything, I always catch really good sales and buy one get one promotions.

Body Butter: I’ve used up a small size of the Satsuma, and Strawberry. Both smell amazing, exactly like their respective fruits and are delicious. They are extremely thick, and do a wonderful job of moisturizing. Yes I would repurchase, and I have since picked up the large Satuma butter.

Shower Gel: I am madly in love with these shower gels. I got my first large Satsuma gel on sale and haven’t looked back. Soap free, not overdrying, with luxurious foam. I use these everyday and haven’t touched another body wash in months. The packaging is nice, but the pumps can be annoying… they don’t release very much product per pump, so I have to pump it a million times to get enough in my poof. Yes I would repurchase, and I have since purchased another Satsuma, Olive and a small bottle of the new Blueberry scent. These are probably my favorite Body Shop Product!

Almond Hand and Nail Cream:  Is freaking fantastic. I can’t even think up enough “nice” words to use for this. I can’t stand the feeling of lotions on my hands, but this one is so smooth and creamy. It fully absorbs, and doesn’t leave behind any trace that it was ever there, other than softness. If you need a good hand cream, these are worth a try. The packaging is not really travel friendly, if you squish the tube and open it, it will fly out at you. I leave this on my bedside table and use before bed. Yes I would repurchase, and have since picked up the full size!

Squeaky -Clean Tea Tree Scrub:  I have used two of these, my second bottle has a few uses left in it, and is still in the shower. This is a wonderful scrub, it smells amazing and exfoliates without overdrying. However I have stopped using it, because I have dry skin. Even thought I love the scent and the scrub as a whole it’s not really the best product for my type of skin.

HONEYMANIA Exfoliant: This was on sale when I purchased it, so I gave it a try. The smell is okay, but not my favorite. It smells more like the perfume version of honey, and less like real honey. It is very strong. It was scrubby, but more creamy than I expected it to be. The tub packaging is a bit of a pain to use in the shower, but no big deal. It took my quite a while to use this product up, I’m sure it did exfoliate my skin but its nothing really special. Probably wouldn’t repurchase this product, in scent or general formula.

On a side note, I love everything about this company. The best part for me is when they answer me on Twitter! Pretty awesome, and no they didn’t pay me to say that! >:)

I hope this was helpful to anyone considering any of these products.
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35 thoughts on “Reviews For Empties: The Body Shop

  1. I wish the body shop here was as cheap as over there. Here its expensive & they never have sales 😦 boo.

  2. I love their butters, shower gel and that almond hand cream too! I also didn’t care too much for the scrub, I like the scent but it wasn’t harsh enough for me!

      1. YES! I have on in my purse right now..and those “aluminum” tubes annoy me, you have to be ready when you open it! The rose one is nice too, but I prefer the almond

  3. I just LOVE the smell of Satsuma body butter! I’m not a body butters person though, it’s just some additional time spent in the bathroom after the shower but if I use one, I want it to be both – effective and with a great smell I think that’s why I love this body butter

  4. I feel like the last person on the planet who hasn’t tried Satsuma. Their almond is an absolute favorite of mine – looooove the smell – and I agree, it doesn’t feel greasy or residu-e once applied. Perfect hand cream! Which reminds me, I really ought to put an order in.

  5. I love ANYTHING Satsuma from The Body Shop; haven’t tried their strawberry scented items… will definitely check that out. And I’m totally going to put down the Almond Hand and Nail Cream on my next shopping list! LOL! I love companies that are involved with their consumers and actually respond on their social media sites. I don’t think all companies realize just how important that is for customer retention and loyalty. Great review!

  6. Satsuma is amazing. I haven’t ever tried their scrubs, but I’m seeing a lot of people post products from here that I haven’t tried..I’m thinking I need to make a trip and pick up some new to me items!

  7. The body shop is very nice but you have to catch a sale and stock up on it. BBW always has a sale but i notice that their body wash can be drying. Have you ever tried the olive soap.

  8. I bought a Groupon the other day–$15.00 for $30.00 at the Body Shop. And they were running a special were all local deals were 20% off. They considered this a local deal, even though it’s a huge chain, so I got a $30.00 credit for $12.00! I’m going to head over there after work and check out the Almond Hand Creme. Thanks!

  9. Maybe the honey scrub really worked better on your dry skin because of it being so creamy hmm. Don’t give up on the one you love, just use it less often in order not to hurt your pretty skin! 😀 I scrum twice a week and it’s really not enough 0_o We have The Body Shop here but I have to drive a couple of hours to get to it so I only get stuff if I’m there or it’s in the way.

    1. I’m sure the honey scrub did something, I just wasn’t impressed with it. My Body Shop is only 25 minutes away, which is sort of a bad thing!

      1. I’d like to live in a cheese wheel, like Jerry did in one episode of Tom and Jerry…yep, just walking around, eating some cheese.

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