Beauty Box 5: March 2014

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This is my first month with this subscription box, its $12 a month for 5 travel, deluxe and full-size samples.

This box was pretty boring, mostly skin care items. I am really happy about the facial pad, having dry skin.. I need to exfoliate almost every day! Nothing in this months box really warranted me doing swatches.

DSC_0014The Tree Hut Shea Body Butter smells just like summer, coconut lime reminds me of tanning oils. The H20+ Hand cream smells like baby powder, and a little like old lady perfume (no offence to people who like that sort of thing) and has the thick feel of the Avon Silicone Glove Hand Cream. Not a fan of this one, but then again I have a kick ass hand cream.

Bellapierre Makeup Base, can be used as an eyeshadow primer, concealer, and according to their website it turns shimmery powders into matte powders. It’s almost a dead on match for my skin, which is nice. It leaves a nice smooth texture behind, so I’m really excited to use this under shadows!

I’m not a fan of the Jane’s Pick Soap, it’s not labeled but I think I got the Kind: orange, tangerine, and vanilla scent, or Love: vanilla, sweet almond, and cinnamon. It reminds me of the smell of Michael’s Arts and Crafts, but muted.

I’m really pleased with this box, it was boring but I still liked it. I don’t add up the values of my subscription boxes, because I pay the money to try new things that I might not try on my own. If I’m not interested, I save them for giveaways, or give them to friends and family. So it’s a win, win for me!

Thanks for reading!!

Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription box that delivers 5 deluxe and full-sized products to your door for $12 a month. Click here to join Beauty Box 5 using my referral code.

15 thoughts on “Beauty Box 5: March 2014

  1. I just got my last BB5 box, Im excited about the make-up base but that was about it, I got the lavender scented soap which was so strong I couldn’t even use it! :/

  2. When I first saw that facial pad in it’s bag I was like “why do they send a slice of bread in a beauty box subscription?” ahahaha 😀 I haven’t tried any of them, but the body butter sounds yummy ❤

  3. This actually looks like a great box! I used to sell Avon and I HATED Avon Silicone Glove Hand Cream. It went on nice, but after you worked it in, it’s like the lotion beaded up into weird wax and rolled off your hands; at least that was my experience. The only “lotion” that I LOVE from Avon is their Overnight Foot Cream (the one with the little pink beads in it); craze amaze! I have the body lotion and sugar scrub of the Tree Hut Coconut Lime scent and adore it; especially the sugar scrub. I’d love to see a future “with / without” using the Bellapierre base; I’m interested to see how it changes shadows! Great review!

    1. Yeah it was annoying to have to sit there and sniff it trying to figure out what it was. I think I’m going to save the body butter for the beach. I don’t love coconut scents, but they do remind me of summer!

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