Reviews For Empties: MAC


I don’t use very many MAC products, so it took me forever to get the empties I have now. I’m one item short of a Back To Mac visit.
Brush Cleaner: I’ve used two of these, in probably three years. Most of the time I just don’t feel like going by the counter to get a new one. I’ve tried quite a few brands of brush cleaners and they all do a decent job of keeping them clean between deep cleanings.

Charged Water Face & Body Lotion: Feels really good on the face. Far too expensive for me to have used it on my body. (Click here to go to my full review of this) I am a fan of it not having SPF in it, so I felt good about using it at night, or when I might have pictures taken. I haven’t repurchased it yet, as I’ve moved into making my own moisturizers.

Fix+: This bottle has been empty for 2 years, I’ve just had water in it! I loved it, it feels and smells just amazing on the skin. I keep meaning to repurchase this, but I never do! It did last me a decent amount of time for the price, but I suppose I haven’t been wowed enough to get a new one…. yet!

Studio Moisture Tint: Nope, didn’t like it at all. That tube isn’t even empty all the way. If you read my blog often, you know my skin is a dry pain in the ass. I tried this in search of something to cover my redness without feeling heavy. This felt like crap. I don’t like the finish, application.. nothing. No.. just no!

I hope this was helpful to anyone considering any of these products, if not it gave me a reason to take fancy pictures of my trash! >:)

11 thoughts on “Reviews For Empties: MAC

  1. I’ve only used up 1 MAC product. Haha. I take ages to use up makeup. I love the Cinema Secrets brush cleaner! It’s the best for spot cleaning 🙂

    1. It does take forever to use up things, I’m thining I will do a series of empties once a year at my rate. LOL!!

      I use the Sephora Brush Cleaner most of the time, because I can just run in and grab it.

      1. I wish we had sephora 😥 brush cleaner is brush cleaner as long as it works anyway 🙂 I want to see your post about making moisturiser! I’m excited 🙂

  2. I was most interested for the fix plus, especially for summer, I think it would come in handy, I know UD makes a similar product also 😀

    1. Yeah, Fix + is less of setting spray and more of a refreshing water. Some people say its sets makeup, and others say it doesn’t. I liked it because I felt like it helped my dry crusty skin some, and it smells really good.

      Its really nice to use when you have too much powder on, it helps bring it down some.

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