Reviews For Empties: Hair


HairI go through hair phases, either I care about it or I don’t. When I have a normal hair color, I just don’t care. When I run a wild color, I care more. I’m more careful to wash it in cold, and to use minimal heat styling tools. I also change shampoo often, and rotate them around the shower, which is why there are no shampoo empties in this post! 

TRESemmé Tres Two Hairspray: It took me probably my whole life to use this can. I have pretty good hair, so I don’t use hairspray or other products like that very often. I only wash my hair maybe twice a week, so the less product I use, the less build-up. As far as hairspray goes, if you need a strong one this is it. I think I’ve used a couple of versions of their stuff and they all work really well. Smell pretty good for hairspray too! I haven’t repurchased this.

L’Orél Highcolor HiLights in Red: I used this to get my BRIGHT red hair. (Click here to be taken to a post on this) This product is a fantastic option for people who do not want to pre-lighten. The results are amazing, and the color is fantastic. I still have a box of this in Hot Red, waiting for the day when I want to be red again.

Manic Panic Rock N Roll Red: I used this to touch up my red, because the product I used to get my hair red, can’t be used to touch up, as it would continue to lift. It also helped extend my roots so I could wait much longer before having to lift them. I was using this on maybe a 3 week schedule to keep my red up. That may seem like too much work, but for a bright red it’s not bad. I didn’t have a ton of bleed with this either, some other brands and colors I’ve used in the past just poured color if my hair got wet. It did bleed in the shower, more the hotter the water.. but I was just thankful not to have it turn my hands red when I touched my dry hair.

John Frieda Precision Foam Color: Natural Black: This is the color I used for the top half of my hair while I was red, and the color I used when I was done being red. I don’t often use the same brand of hair color, but this one changed my mind. The application bottle has a foaming head, which makes applying so much easier. I make less of a mess when I use this, and I feel like it goes a bit farther. When I go for boxed dye, I buy this. The color results are excellent as well, love, love, love!

Colorful Neutral Protein Filler:  I picked this up from Sally’s, I was going to get the red one but they were out. This goes in your hair before you dye, or after to help repair what you did to it. Which is something I needed. My hair was really long, dry, and just dead! Do I think it helped keep the color in.. not really! Do I think it helped repair the damage…nope. However my hair was toast, and probably beyond any treatments. I have since had all the dead removed. I’m primed and ready to abuse my hair again!

Hair Chemist Macadamia Oil Masque: I also purchased this from Sally, to use after I lifted and fried my hair into crispy death. I meant to buy the Macadamia brand masque, but picked this one up by mistake. I was not impressed, I did use it because I had it. I don’t however feel like it did anymore more than a regular conditioner does when left one for a few minutes. I won’t be using this one again.

I hope this post was helpful, if you have any questions feel free to contact me on Facebook and Twitter!

6 thoughts on “Reviews For Empties: Hair

  1. I love empties posts 🙂 and it was interesting that you included your hair colour too! I love your red hair 🙂

  2. You have good hair you lucky girl! You know I might see what I can find from the recommended red hair products in case I ever go back to red, I love it but it washes off too darn fast 0_o Hope you had a good weekend love! What’s been up?

  3. Ooooh I’ll have to give the L’Oreal a try. I tried to dye some of my hair purple last year, and despite bleaching multiple times beforehand, my hair refused to go lighter than a dark orangey color =/

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