Manicure: Marshalling Wands

Manicures, Ombre / Gradient


Marshalling Wands are the glow sticks that the ground crew guys wave at airplanes, I had to Google that to death to find their name. I’m sure if I had asked my husband, I could have saved myself a half hour. Can you see me waving my hands with imaginary wands trying to think up search terms for them? ”

Anyways… I think I could land a plane in my yard with this manicure. If I had added some yellow they would be Candy Corn, but that’s for later in the year.

I’m working my way back to almond-shaped nails, which I sort of regret. They do look much more feminine than my usual square, but they are so weak, I keep waiting to snap one off (again). The last time I did this, they only made it a week or so and one manicure post before I broke 2 or 3 and went back to square. I also feel like its harder for me to get a decent looking polish job on them, the shape is a lot less forgiving.

The neon didn’t gradient super well with the nude, but in person is so bright you can’t focus on it long enough to see that! >:)

What do you think about the shape? Should I go back to square?

I hope your week is off to a great start!

16 thoughts on “Manicure: Marshalling Wands

  1. I was just about to comment on the shape before I even read what you wrote. Hehe.. I love almond shape and as I am sure you noticed I also go back and forth between almond and square. Just keep these for a little bit, then go back to square. That’s what I do. But I do find that designs and other stuff is much easier to do on square nails and I feel you have more of a surface to play with.

    1. Yes, and the square nails don’t have to be perfectly shaped. I feel like you can see every little spot where my filing job was crap!

      Its nice to changes things up a bit, that and they will look like eggs for Easter!

  2. Your manicure is gorgeous! I love the nude to ka – pow bright orange :p maybe try squoval nails? It’s the shape I’ve always had & they don’t break 🙂

    1. I usually run rounded squres, they hold up better to when I slam my hands into things when I’m in Godzilla mode.

      I’ve been trying to be softer with my hands, and so far it’s working. No breaks…yet

      1. Well this shape is pretty! I love square nails but I always break them & go back to squoval haha

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