Reviews For Empties: Makeup



No7 Mascaras: Lash Adapt (silver) is my all time favorite mascara, I have been trying the other formulas but none of them are as good. The Extravagant Volume was not very good at all, I didn’t like the brush, and it was more clumpy than thick. Extreme Length, was okay. I got the brown one, and used it on minimal makeup days. It didn’t give me what I would call “extreme” length, but it’s not horrible.

No7 Beautiful Brows: Until I found the Dipbrow this are what I used for my brows. This is a really nice brow pencil, goes on smooth, lasts all day (I set mine with shadow).

Physicians Formula Lash Boosting Eyeliner: Yeah, no lash boosting but it is a bad ass liner. I used this for a while, bought a new one, took it on a trip and the cap came off in my makeup bag and it dried out. I haven’t picked up a new one since. These are in the $10 range I believe, but are worth it. All day wear, easy to apply, nice finish. The black one is more grey than black, so buy Ultra Black.

POREfessional: It took me forever to use this up, It worked alright but it didn’t do anything great for me. I haven’t repurchased this since I started using the Baby Skin (Click here to see a Versus Post of these two products). This does work, I think it works better on oily skin though.

Maybelline Great Lash Clear: I use this as brow gel. I don’t see any point in spending more and a few dollars on brow gel. All it does it hold the hairs in place, which this does just fine. I think everyone should give this a try, save a few bucks in your brow routine!

Garnier Anti Dark Circle Roller: Ehhh… not something I couldn’t live without. It made my eyes water, between the cold of the metal ball and the formula I just didn’t like it. The metal ball does help if you have puffiness under your eyes, but other than that… its meh.

Benefit Boi-ing #2: Is my go to concealer, it works really well. Not much else to say about it other than its good. I have purchased another.

Make Up Forever HD Powder: I don’t use much of this, since I’m dry. I do use this to set my undereye concealer. I also use this when I don’t wear makeup, to smooth my face. From what I understand this will flash back if you use too much, I don’t do much flash photography so I can’t speak for this. I have purchased a full size of this.

Tarte Maracuja Oil: I love this, my crusty skin loves it. I have yet to bite the bullet and buy the full size, since I always get one in a Sephora sample, or a Tarte special trial size. If you see one of these tiny ones, its worth a try!


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13 thoughts on “Reviews For Empties: Makeup

  1. I got the little oil from Tarte for Christmas, also this small size. Came as part of a small package with a few other products and I completely forgot about it until I saw your post. So it’s good?
    I am so afraid to put anything on my face due to my Rosacea and the issues I had, because I finally got it under control.
    Do you find that it did something different for your skin?

    1. I use it when I’m really dry, and I put it on after moisturizer to hold everything in. I didn’t notice that it did anything super, but it absorbs really fast and doesn’t feel greasy!

  2. Oooh I love the Physician’s Formula liquid liner! And the maracuja oil too! You can find pure maracuja oil for like half the price of the stuff that Tarte sells at health food stores / amazon though.

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