Beauty Box 5: April 2014

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Shades of beauty:
We know you’re busy, but your beauty routine doesn’t need to move at breakneck speed! This month we’re focused on looks that call for a little leisurely layering, so enjoy your mornings and take more time for yourself…


Bonne Bell Lip Definer, (Rose) is I assume meant to be worn alone or as a natural lip liner. Either way the packaging grossed me out so I wont be using it. The yellow color of the top, and the shape of the stickers makes me think this sat for a while. So… no!

Nicka K New York Lipstick (Daring) in the tube looks like a true red color, but swatched more on the pinky side. This stuff smells like those Lipsmackers things, like little girl lip gloss. I don’t wear red lipstick enough to get excited about this one.


Blum Naturals Cleansing Wipes, are kind of neat. These are mini wipes with a little chain attached which I assume is so you can clip it somewhere and not forget about it. It’s perfect size to drop in your purse to clean up mascara smudges during the day. Says non irritating, safe for babies, hypoallergenic, no synthetic preservatives or fragrance, paraben free. They don’t smell horrible and they work pretty well.


Bh Cosmetics California Collection Sample, made me pretty excited. I love BH Cosmetics, and their little samples are adorable. This little palette even had a magnetic closure.


Jergens Natural Glow 3 Days To Glow, for medium to tan skin tones…. which is not me. I’m pretty light, and the only way I could use this is in the middle of summer when I’m already tan, and that’s just silly. I do like how this sample is packaged though, it’s a large informative sample, but it’s not nearly enough to do two whole legs. I’m confused at how this is meant to be used? You could try it out on one arm and go to the store half tanned to buy the full product I guess. Or you could make self tanner shapes on your body like henna. >:)

Good box this month, some interesting things to try!

Happy Hump Day

13 thoughts on “Beauty Box 5: April 2014

  1. Oh the California Collection from BH is so adorable *_* The lipstick is very pretty too! Too bad for the lip liner cause the color itself is pretty. Xx

  2. Oh I love everything you got, except the lip liner 😀 It was a great box this month! You can maybe use the fake tan sample later in the summer when you are already tanned, but you know, your face gets lighter faster than the rest of your body 😀 x

  3. Wow! Your box got to your super fast! I don’t think I’ve even received a shipping notification yet! It looks like a pretty good box this month, but it’s too bad the lip liner didn’t work out.

  4. Those little wipes look so friggin’ cute! And the California Collection from BH is adorable! There were definitely a few misses here, but some great hits!

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