Manicure: Messy Gradient

Manicures, Ombre / Gradient

illaorangeI love this new Illamasqua nail polish I picked up over the weekend. It’s a bright, lovely, shimmery, coral color. If you haven’t tried an Illamasqua polish, you should. I’ve worn their polish for 2 weeks without a chip!!! 

Sadly this is not my best gradient, but I really needed to change my polish. I’ve had so many nail art ideas in my head lately, but when I sit down to do them…..they suck!
illaorange2I also went back to Seche Vite, I can’t be bothered to wait for nail polish to dry. As far as the warning for pregnant women….do some reading on that. If you’re an American you are also aware that everything causes cancer in California. So if you’re pregnant and wanna use Seche Vite, go for it… just don’t eat it, or shove the bottle up your nose! 😀

❤ you all!!!

10 thoughts on “Manicure: Messy Gradient

  1. I love when you do these gradiant or ombre whatever you want to call them manicures. I tried but I can’t seem to get it right. At least it doesn’t look right to me. Yours look great!

    1. You have to make a small circle as you stamp to blend where the colors meet. Some colors work better than others. Black and white is really easy….and if you think its not quite right, add glitter or some sort of confetti top coat. Always helps!

  2. Love this! You should do my nails! And good on you for going back to Seche vite. Nothing compares does it!

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