Face Of The Day: Happy Birthday Hubby


Today is Mr. Llewsoba’s 30th birthday,  and this is my face for dinner.


Sorry for the cellphone picture grid,  I was playing with my new Galaxy S 5. The bottom right picture was taken with “beauty mode”. My cell phone has instant photoshop, wtf??? Such a shame that this is a real thing.

Hope you’re all well!!!
8 days until move.

7 thoughts on “Face Of The Day: Happy Birthday Hubby

  1. You’re beautiful. I had my 26th on 30th of April. And I’m all peeling off skin from my face and I got sunglasses tanned on XD. I hope you had/are having a great day!

  2. You look so pretty & natural 🙂 I can’t believe your photo has an inbuilt mode like that! It’s sad when people just airbrush the crap out of their skin with filters & programs. I want to see the real thing dammit! Haha 🙂

  3. Whaaaaat? I can’t believe I’ve never tried the beauty mode on my samsung 0_o I shall try it! 😀 Happy bday to the man of the house (attention, I said “the man”, not “the boss” because obviously the wife is always the boss), I wish you both all the best and a lovely stay in your new home…soon! 😀 x

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