Beauty Box 5: May 2014

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Hooray, I have something to blog about that’s not packed up!

This box is actually full of some things that I’m very happy to get since I’m quickly running out of stuff. 89% of my house is packed up and it’s really annoying!

Harvey Prince Perfume in Hello is hands down my favorite, I love this scent. It has a flower scent, but the Meyer Lemon really grounds it. It smells grow up, but not old lady. It’s very different, and if you’re like me you are selfish and want a scent that nobody else you’re going to run into is wearing. I plan on owning this in full size!

Cattiva Retractable Waterproof Liner in Black, is always welcome! Retractable is a plus, since my sharpener is packed up right now. It swatched very smooth, and is smudge-able! Waterproof, I’m not so sure about, I did lick my finger and wipe it off of my hand… sooooo!!

Ban Cooling Body Cloths, it’s a neat idea. The instructions say to wipe any part of your body, neck, chest, underarms and enjoy cool freshness. Since its hot, I’m moving, and pregnant I love this idea. These are something to keep in your purse for concerts, sports events, anytime your outside this summer and you get sticky and nasty.

Masker Aide Hydrating Facial Sheet. I’ve never had a facial, or used anything like this. A 10-20 minute mask, with Argan Oil, Orange Peel, Fruit and Rice Extracts. You could wear this while you do your hair, which is kind of nice. Paraben, sulfate, vegan, and biodegradable. I’m exited to try this, but its going to have to wait a week or so.

H20 Marine Cleansing Gel, foams away  impurities. I believe I have another H20 product hiding in my sample drawer, but I can’t be sure since its packed. My pregnancy skin is being a real asshole, so I will be using this.

3 days until the move. so hopefully I will be back into the swing of things by the end of the month.

❤ and miss you all!

11 thoughts on “Beauty Box 5: May 2014

  1. We miss you too! I think this will come in handy a lot now that almost everything is packed up! Uhh, the move is so close, must be exciting 😀 good luck with everything! 😀

    1. I’m so freaking out… we’re packing the truck on wednesday. Half my kitchen is boxes, there is crap everywhere. Ugh … I hate moving!!!

  2. Maybe it is waterproof but just not salivaproof 😀 Or maybe you’ve gor a pregnancy supersaliva baahhhhahhahaha Stay strong and stay sane, you’re almost done. The waiting it’s the most nerwrecking part in my eyes. Good lucand loads of hugs ❤

  3. I just got my BB5 this week, too! i got the “First Free Box” promo, so my items were different than yours. I got the Nicka K lipstick, Coolway Shampoo & Conditioner Duo, LA Fresh Antiperspirant Wipes, and Shea Terra Black Soap. II think I would have much preferred your box, though! I don’t think I’ll be sticking with it, but it was fun to test out this month for free!

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