Good morning from my new house.


It’s finally here…. stress level cut in half.  I didn’t think we were going to make it. We picked up a 26 foot truck that I thought was going to be too big, and it was almost too small. Then 30 miles from our old house a brake alarm went off on hubs and when we pulled over it refused to go back into gear…. spent and hour waiting for their roadside assistance to fix it. Then we proceeded to drive 6 hours through a blinding rain storm.


We did make it though,  and even though that same storm from yesterday is raining on us again today….. at least it’s almost over.


Above is my view from bed, its hard to see but that’s water out there. Hooray for a view. My bedroom closet has AC in it, which is a little strange but okay.


This corner is where the blogging magic will happen from now on, as soon as my vanity and makeup come up from the truck.  Fingers crossed it’s all safe! !!


How awesome is my potty?? Giant bathtub for giant pregnant lady!! Hubs is excited about a tub big enough for his 6’3 self to actually soak in. Oh and mini chandeliers over the sinks. Whoooo hoooooo!!!!


My kitchen is amazing,  I can’t wait to go grocery shopping.

So we’re here, and of course things are still a hot mess and I have to unpack, but the house is great, and we are thrilled.

Miss you all, and I’ll be back soon!!

I posted this from my phone,  sorry for crappy pictures.

11 thoughts on “Good morning from my new house.

  1. The house looks amazing from pics! Glad you made it safely! Good luck with all the unpacking and setteling in! Talk to you soon honeybear ♡

  2. The house looks amazing girl! I love love the kitchen. I love modern kitchens like that.
    Also I see the water! That’s gonna be a great view.
    Sorry I cant remember did you move to a different State? Or just a different city?

  3. You said you moved back to the D.C. area right? Congrats! And at least the weekend is supposed to be fantastic! I live in Maryland so I’m tired of all that dreaded rain too! And I’m in LOVE with that kitchen. 🙂

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