Manicure: Orange Soda Nebula


Orange Soda Nebula2This is my first manicure since my move, I packed up all of my nail supplies a few weeks before, which left me no way to do my nails. The week of the move when I realized I literally had claws I wished I had left out a few things. Lucky for me prenatal vitamins turned them into swords, and I moved out of and into a house without breaking a single one. As you can imagine I was very happy to get my mani supplies back.

Orange Soda Nebula1I’ve been wanting to do another galaxy design (click here to go to my first galaxy design), and lately orange is really appealing to me…so we went with an orange galaxy! I found this much easier the second time, probably because you really can’t screw this up. Having the holo stars really helps things out too, I don’t care for the look of just white dots.


Products Used:
Illamasqua: Creator & Marquise
O.P.I Alpine Snow
China Glaze: Orange Knockout (neon) & Fairy Dust
Essie Geranium
Seche Vite Top Coat
Nameless Hot Topic Star Glitter

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