Favorites: May 2014

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May was probably the longest, shortest month of my life. Full of life changing things and not much blogging.


So, my first favorite of the month is my own blog posts. My blog has been running itself while I’ve been moving, pregnant, unpacking, and sick…….and it’s been doing so on just my review posts. Hooray for that!

Yes, that is a roll of toilet paper, and yes it is a monthly favorite. I’ve never blown my nose this much ever, I picked up some nasty cold thing…. and I’m just a walking booger. So I think it’s safe to say, I’m loving my toilet paper.

NYX Butter Gloss is as amazing as everyone said it was. The colors are really great and they do feel like butter. I’ve been wearing Sugar Cookie quite a bit lately. I found mine on an end cap at Target!

Hourglass Cosmetics, I’m falling in love with their products. The Tinted Moisturizer covers just enough to clean up my complexion, and I can’t even feel it. The Ambient Lighting palette is wonderful, just enough highlight to brighten the face and no more!

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, came in my Ipsy bag and I was thrilled. I look at these every single time I go in Sephora. The color I got is a little dark, but works really well for contour, and of course it smells yummy.

MAC Vanilla Pigment, is sooooo gorgeous. I’ve been reaching for this quite a bit for my everyday face. Little bit of brown in the crease, Vanilla on the lid… done! ❤ this stuff.

Anastasia Dipbrow, I don’t have to tell you for the 75th time that I’m madly in love with this product. I’ve had it forever, and hardly used any, and there are no signs of it drying out, (Click here for my full review).

Hope you’re all having a wonderful hump day!!

8 thoughts on “Favorites: May 2014

  1. Mac Vanilla and NYX lippies *_* Lol for the toilet paper but I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well 😦 I had the same feeling with March, the longest and shortest month, when I moved here. Hopefully this month you can breathe easy and relax and I promise we’ll skype these days if you still want me! 😀 ❤

  2. Great favourites sweets! Aw I hope you feel better soon ♡ I’m thinking of getting a darker dip brow in my next US order, my current one is a but too warm. .. but I still can’t stop using it :p haha xo

  3. I haven’t checked out your blog in a few days since I was so used to you posting less frequent than before and I missed out on this favourite roll of toilet paper! Bhahahahahaa, this just made my day, BEST FAVOURITES ever 😀 I loved toilet paper last week too, since I got food poisoning from stupid McDonalds…but hey, I was craving I guess 😀 I hope everyone in the house is great and baby Boswell is even cooler than before. Xx

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