Favorites: June 2014

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FavcoverWell here we are with another favorites, and another month gone. I feel as if June took forever to pass, but as I sit here I can’t really remember. July is going to be an event filled month, hubs and I find out what the fetus is, and on the 16th I turn the big 30!!

My favorites this month are very simple, I’m wearing minimal makeup since it’s full on summer here in the US and the thought of wearing a full on face makes me ill. Water is here this month, since it’s summer and water makes you beautiful, (nobody likes a dehydrated piece of human jerky). I also had to include the Downy Unstopables Scent Booster, because it smells amazing and makes me happy. I’m very into scents lately, and having SUPER good smelling laundry makes me smile.
NYX ButterNYX Butter Gloss
These are just fantastic. Brilliant color, non sticky, affordable, and they smell like cake. I own 3 of these, but one is living in my purse. If you haven’t tried these yet… you should.
DipbrowAnastasia Dipbrow
Is always a monthly favorite because it’s quite literally the only brow product I use, more than half the time I don’t even use brow gel. Click here for full review. This is in my “pre-labor” checklist, I’m hoping to go into labor with my face on, and I know this product will make it through child birth. Hooray for having awesome brows in babies first pictures. 😀
Mac VanillaMAC Vanilla Pigment
I do forget to use this, but when I finally remember I’m blown away every time. I’ve been using this as a highlight, to add some life to my generally boring, neutral summer makeup. I’ve had this one bottle for more than a year and I swear I haven’t even put a dent in it, well worth the money.
Soleil De tanChanel Soleil De Tan
Is amazing, I can’t live without this product. I’ve been using this correct the color of my tinted moisturizer. It does this job beautifully and leaves me looking healthy and bronze. Most people are put off by the price of this product, but I’ve had this for almost a year and haven’t hit pan yet. I’ve done a post comparing the price of this to popular bronzers, click here to be taken to that post. This product does only come in one color, but if this color will work with your skin, you should consider trying it out. Click here for full review.
TarteTarte Maracuja Oil
Is beyond words for me right now. I have pregnancy skin going on and this keeps me soft without being too greasy. I have heard around the blogging world that this is simply Passion Fruit Oil, I’m not 100 % on that, but being pregnant makes me too lazy to care. I have this in rollerball form, which is amazing.
They're RealBenefit They’re Real Liner
Is fan-freaking-tastic. I had my doubts about this product and I ate my words. When used properly it does everything they say it will. It takes me maybe 2 swipes to get the perfect shape to my wing, and that’s saying a lot since I have semi hooded eyes with a nice crease right where my wing goes. Click here for full review.

I hope you all had a wonderful June!!

23 thoughts on “Favorites: June 2014

  1. I love your favorites this month especially the NYX butter glosses *-* This is gonna be a big month to you!!! I can’t wait to find out little Shamys sex and your turning 30!!!! Hubs always tells me that 30s are better than 20s 😉 Have a wonderful day and I hope the storm has passed ❤

  2. I wasn’t a fan of the push-up liner. The formula flakes like crazy on me! 😦 But I do love the NYX butter glosses and wish they were easier to find in Canada!!

    1. I hear a lot of people struggle with flaking. I click it once, and clean off the tip and whats underneath is as smooth as any pot gel liner. I found my Butter Glosses in Target recently, which excited me since I don’t have an Ulta near me.

      1. I’ve tried it multiple times and still have had major flaking. It applies smoothly but within a few hours I have all kinds of little black flecks under my eyes!

        We don’t have Ulta in Canada… and our Targets don’t have the Butter Glosses 😦

      2. Hmmm, I wonder why that happens to some people. My mascara flakes a tiny bit, but never my liner. I’m always interested in the differnt way products behave with people.

        No Ulta!!! Thank goodness for online shopping then huh?

      3. Body chemistry is weird! Ulta doesn’t ship to Canada either! 😦 BUUUUT, apparently we are getting a few within the next year or two! Hurrah!

  3. Woohoo for finding out what you are having! It will be so exciting 😀 And only 2 more weeks till I can wish you a happy bday 🙂 ❤ I love the shades of those butter glosses

  4. Love these favorites! I also use the Downy unstoppables.. they rock 🙂 & I am also a long time fan of the NYX butter glosses and have just discovered that I also love their soft matte lip creams! I really want to try that Anastasia dip brow but my local Ulta only had 4 shades that all seemed wrong for me 😦

    1. I use the dipbrow in chocolate, which is very dark and warm. I use at least half of what the girl at Sephora used on me and it looks great. You can use it as gel liner too, and it works really good. New colors are coming though.

  5. Big 30! I remember when I was turning 30 I felt miserable and depressed lol. I felt ok as long as I can I am twenty something I am ok… So when I turned 30 I felt as if my life was over. hahaha I had a crisis. And now 2 years later I have the same panic attack . Even though I don’t look my age or feel my age, the number hits me hard. … wait, I wanted to say something positive to you lol… and then this acme out..lol
    Well 30s are better than 20s in many ways it’s true. And you have a blessing coming your way so what more can you ask for right? xoxo

    1. Hahahah awwww, I would have never guessed you were over 30. It really just feels like another year for me…I say that now though, we’ll see how I do when it gets here.

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