Baby Update: 20 weeks


BumpdateWell it’s officially the halfway point in my pregnancy!!

It’s a BOY!!!
My son is relieved and very excited. He received expert advice from my nephew who told him he would be super lucky if it was a boy, and not so lucky if it was a girl! >:)
Baby GenderBaby was very modest during the sonogram, forcing the tech to go up underneath to get a good shot, and she did!!!!!
2014-07-07 15.40.07Baby boy is 3 oz right now, and looking good. The hard part now, picking out a name. Help us out, comment below with boy baby name ideas!!!


17 thoughts on “Baby Update: 20 weeks

  1. You look great love, this looks one happy bump to me ^_^ I’ll see if I can find some cool estonian names 😀 You don’t have to like them but maybe they’ll be fun to read 😛 Xxxx

  2. Congrats again! ❤ I only know cool Russian names since that's 80% of what we have here he he, but as for English names I've always liked Mason /Jason 😀 And Matthew. If you were a Romanian gipsy things would have been easier, you could just name him Batman or Chuck Norris, like they do.

  3. Hey sweets just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the beauty blogger of the month award 🙂 ♡

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