12 thoughts on “Tag: My Makeup Story

  1. Yay I love your answers! I completely agree, young girls should not be caking their faces. That’s so cool that you did art 🙂

  2. What fun responses … Absolutely agree about 9, it literally gives me shivers to even see her face .. Agree about the brands, what’s works works … Sometimes department store brands have worked much better than high end brands for me. I also love Nyx and urban decay amongst others

  3. I never make it passed the first month with mascara I either finish it or it dries out on me, I can’t really tell 0_o great tag, it was a fun read 😀

  4. First off, I love how you look with red lipstick. It really makes your whole face pop, especially your eyes. Gorgeous.
    And I was laughing so hard about the Kim K highlighter look. BLEND! If you want to contour, sure go for it, looks great when done properly but blend blend blend. I almost want to walk up to them and blend that shit in with my fingers lol

    1. Bahahahha, yes. Looking like someone smuged dirt on their face. Mmm mmm mm

      I try to wear red lipstick more, but I have self esteem issues with my teeth, and there is nothing like red lips for attracting attention.

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