Manicure: Cloudy Skies Dot Fall

Dot, Manicures

Cloudy Skies Dot 2I finally did my nails!!! Amazing, I know… I went probably more than a month with naked nails, and they really needed a break. I picked something easy, and for me that’s dots. I’m a big fan of dot fall manicures, since you can’t really mess them up. Placement is totally random and can overlap, so if you struggle with straight dots, try this!

Cloudy Skies Dot

Hopefully in the coming weeks I can find the patience to do some Halloween nail posts, perhaps maybe even a Halloween pedicure if hubs feels up to painting little eyeballs on my toes (he’s been so sweet, he’s already done my toes once).… cause I can’t reach them!!!!!!

I hope this post finds you all well!

Products Used:
Essie: Cashmere Bathrobe
O.P.I: Alpine Snow & Black Onyx
Seche Vite Top Coat
Small, Med, and Large Dotting Tool

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