Baby Update: 30-ish Weeks


I can’t believe it’s my third trimester already, I mean I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever….but not really!?! I’m rounding the final stretch where I’m going to blow up like a blimp and get HUGE, which is not exciting at all. We still haven’t picked a name for this child, we have one we like but haven’t made a firm decision on it. Naming a kid is really hard, you can’t name it after anyone you ever hated, and you would be surprised how many names that excludes. >:)

insta collageAbove are selfies from Instagram of me being pregnant… LOL!!! ” Oh hey look at me stretch out this shirt!” I’ve also noticed that I’ve been wearing a lot of horizontal stripes lately….. why do they make maternity shirts like that I wonder?!?

I did take and fail both of my glucose tests, which means I have Gestational Diabetes….and that’s annoying. I have to meet with a nutritional consultant so they can tell me not to drink soda or eat candy, which I don’t do much anymore. I also have to take my blood sugar 4 times a day and HOLY SHIT BALLS the strips cost a ton. I thought I would pee my pants when the girl rang mine up the other day. $140 for 100 strips and I have to check 4 times a day for the next 3 months. : / Thankfully since I’ve been keeping track and eating a WAY better diet, my numbers are decent (as far as I know)..which is really good since I couldn’t get an appointment with the nutritionist until the 22nd of this month!!!
bumpI don’t think I covered the nursery in the last baby post, probably because we didn’t even have a plan then. We are doing a safari theme, which is why in the above photo I have some baby Tiger pajamas (hubs bought those), I can’t freaking wait till he can wear those!

The paint colors were picked long before the theme, and it just so happens that my dad has a vinyl machine, so hooray for awesome animal wall art!! Of course the art has names but not the baby, we have Randy the Ostrich and Felix the Monkey! I have a couple of Toucans that I haven’t hung yet.


So yeah, that’s pretty much everything….

….. and now we wait…..


13 thoughts on “Baby Update: 30-ish Weeks

  1. Aw you’re such a cute preggers lady 🙂 yay that’s so exciting that your baby will be here soon! When’s your due date?

  2. You are one pretty pregnant ladyl, you should do that more often! Bahhaahaaaaa The room theme is really cool and those tiiger pjs are just so….rawwwrrrr 😀 The gestational diabetes sucks big time but there isn’t too much time left fortunately. Sending you tons of hugs ❤

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