Face Of The Day: MAC Rocky Horror

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MAC released its Rocky Horror Picture Show collection in stores yesterday to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the movie, which I love!!! Tim Curry is freaking fantastic and I love him in everything, so of course I wanted some of these products!!

Rocky Horror look

This is my first purchase from a collection, and I found myself in a MAC store on release day. I had my eye on the pigment, black glitter, and Frank-N-Furter lipstick. However arriving at the store an hour after opening I found the pigment sold out, and I bought the last 3D black glitter. I’m not 100% sure how a store in VA sold out most of a collection in one hour, on a Thursday morning. My best guess is they took orders over the phone and were holding items for people.

I was unaware at the time that it’s a “thing” for people to stalk the release dates for these collections and buy massive quantities of the popular items, forcing a quick sell out, leaving them with the ability to sell their items for triple the cost. This makes me freaking sick, and I really wish I had asked the girl at the store how many phone orders they were holding, thus leaving in store customers with cash in hand in the dark…but she was a typical MAC girl and I wanted to slap her within seconds of arriving!!

I’m happy I got my lipstick though.

Rocky Horror swatchFrankNFurter is a Matte, raspberry wine-ish red. I don’t wear a lot of red lipstick, but I find myself really enjoying this color. Go figure, since I only bought one tube!! :/ The 3D glitter a black glitter with a silver holographic effect, but is just a repackage, and is available online all the time. I got home and found myself a little pissed that I paid $2 extra for different packaging!

Rocky Horror Lipstick: FrankNFurter $17.50
Rocky Horror Glitter: 3D Black $23.00

Picture Edited With PicMonkey

Picture Edited With PicMonkey

I’m in love the lipstick and the glitter is pretty awesome. What do you think? Tell me your thoughts below!!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!

19 thoughts on “Face Of The Day: MAC Rocky Horror

  1. That lipstick is amaaazing! I was able to grab 2 lipsticks – Oblivion & Strange Journey. I loooove the movie and am so happy to own beauty products with those famous lips on them 🙂

  2. That red is gorgeous! People go crazy over MAC special releases…its insane lol Glad you got some of the things you wanted

  3. Beauty hoarders have a list of all the release dates in advance. They refresh their screen until it launches online and buy up a whole bunch then sell it for a ridiculous amount of money.

    I’m glad you were able to get your hands on something from the collection. I only got FnF and someone bought it for me because it sold out in 7 minutes.

    Looks great on you!

    1. It’s annoying as hell online, but in stores should be first come and none of this phone in hold crap. Hubs thinks the girls in the store bought them to sell. Lol

  4. This collection looks awesome! Very Rocky Horror, definitely. Congrats on getting a hold of it, yikes! Why does every MAC Limited Edition release seem similar to trying to go shopping on Black Friday? Always so crazy!

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