Baby Update: 38 Weeks and 4 Days!!


Well hello there strangers, I just realized that I haven’t posted a single thing since Halloween!! 😦 I had a couple Lush products I wanted to review, but I never got around to photographing them, much less writing the review.


We’re in that really annoying “anyday” time period. As of Monday I was 2cm so it’s just really a waiting game from here. Above is a 33 weeks to 37.5 week bump growth chart… LOL!!!  I haven’t taken another picture since crossing into 38 weeks, I don’t feel any bigger but I’m sure I am!

Hubs is about to burst, he is ready for this baby to be out. 1: so he can play with it, and 2: so I will stop bitching all the time that I can’t move! >:) It really is shitty when you are facing away from your alarm clock, and it takes 5 minutes to roll over to turn it off…. I don’t even bother, hubs gets it for me!


The room is ready, and just waiting to him to move out of his current housing situation. So here we are, just waiting, and waiting, and waiting….. and with a limited range of motion I can’t do much else. Doc has officially labeled this baby as “big”, so take your guesses below. My first son clocked in at 10 pounds 1.2 oz!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful November!

19 thoughts on “Baby Update: 38 Weeks and 4 Days!!

  1. Ahh, I just love baby bump photos! I don’t miss that really uncomfortable point. I couldn’t move, had to pee every hour, and had horrible reflux…oh and don’t get me started on the swelling! Lol You look great! Good luck & congrats!!

  2. Holy mother ***! That is one big boy 😀 You should try to go up and down from stairs for a few times, worked for me 😛 Big hug to that tummy of yours and to you too ❤

  3. Yay omg I’m so excited for him to be born! Hopefully it’s soon! I have a feeling it will be today or tomorrow 🙂

  4. You are one exceptionally lovely pregnant lady! I could only hope to look half as amazing as you do when time comes that I’m with child. 😆
    Best of luck on the delivery! I wish you and your baby boy good health. ❤

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