Baby Update: Due Today


Well hello strangers, fancy seeing you here. I’ve finally gotten around to writing this post……no I’m a liar I just haven’t felt like drafting it up because I’m lazy. >:)
So while I’m just sitting on my butt I thought I would update the poor dusty blog. ♡

Today was my offical due date, but seeing how big baby was growing we planned to have him induced last Wednesday. Baby however was not amused and I went into labor at 11 pm the night before my induction.
Hubs was supportive as always, and kept me company in his Batman pajamas.  Hospital staff and my Obstetrician were very amused with him.
We arrived at the hospital at 1am, and he was born at 7:32 am. Doc was on point with the plan to induce me, as baby was 9 pounds 13 oz, just a few oz short of his big brother who clocked in a 10 lbs 1.4.
All went with the delivery, except baby refusing to be still, he managed to get himself wrapped up his cord, thankfully to no ill effect.
We’re home now,  and everything has been pretty good.


Bump 39 weeks

I can’t quite belive how big my bump actually was, now that it’s gone but damn it feels good to breathe, and fit in my shirts.

Big brother is thrilled with his new role,  even though little brother doesn’t do anything fun yet.
I hope this post finds you all well, and a Happy Thanksgiving to my American  followers, and a Happy November to all the rest.


Eian Stewart


11 thoughts on “Baby Update: Due Today

  1. So precious! I’m glad everything went well and your husband is a riot! Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

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