Life Update 12/7/2014


Hello people in blog land. I’m still alive, mostly anyway.

So baby is about 3 weeks old now, and life is working its way back to normal. I’ve managed to put my makeup on (and it look decent) a few times and paint my fingers and toes in these 3 weeks. As I write this, I’m sitting in my first scalding hot bath in 9 months, Daddy is on sleeping baby duty. So much excitement for the simplest things now a days.
All of these exciting mommy times are made possible by my switching from breastfeeding to pumping and bottle feeding. Sadly I couldn’t get his latch right, which caused daily mommy freak out sessions and large amounts of stress. After reaching out to a lactation consultant only to find they were not covered by insurance and each visit is $75 and the support group is once a week on Wednesday (I discovered this on a Thursday), I had thrown in the towel and intended to switch to formula. Thankfully my girl Etta had recently met a woman who pumped and supplemented with formula. I was slapping myself for not thinking of that sooner. It works beautifully, and no more daily pain induced freak outs for me.

Considering the benefits of breastfeeding and the push for more women to do it, it’s awfully hard to get quality help. If the family qualifies for WIC (government assistance for baby/child food), they get formula for free and chances are cannot afford the fees to see a lactation consultant. So why would they even try breastfeeding? ! The entire thing is just sad, and really needs and overhaul.

Anyhow moving on, so yes baby stuff and junk. We’re sleeping very well at night, 2.5 hours or more at a stretch through the night. This makes for a pretty happy mommy and daddy.

Big brother loves the new baby, even though its been boring as hell in our house lately, and full of “shhhhhhh’s”. Dad has a spring time camping trip planned for the two of them, but we have to survive the winter first.

Hopefully each day finds me that much closer to normalcy. I hope to be back to full time blogging in the next 6 months or so, I really do miss it!! Until then its bathtub and middle of the night life update posts. 🙂



First mommy & baby selfie.

14 thoughts on “Life Update 12/7/2014

  1. God bless the little one!!
    I nursed both my kids and pumping was so annoying for me that I just fed them as indented. Latching can be a challenge and lactation consultation didn’t help me but just caused stress and a sense of disappointment. Just relax, as a mother it’s a challenge for you and for the little baby too, but it’s a growth you will both develop with time.. 👍👍 for nursing .. It’s demanding, tiring and exhausting but it’s the best for your baby and you 👏👏

  2. The little one is adorable and is it me or does he look a lot like daddy? 🙂 I’m sad to hear about your latching troubles but atleast now you’ve found a solution 🙂 While I was in the hospital with my first son I still had few milk and one of the nurses forced me to keep him latched on me for 7hours!!!! Needless to say my bipples were so painful and I almost gave up on breastfeeding thanks to that “lovely” lady! When I finally got the courage to ask some supplement for my hungry baby she gave it to me with a look like I was a monster or something :S A kiss to the baby and I hope you’re having a peaceful december 🙂 xxxx

    1. He looks like a grumpy old man, so yeah a lot like daddy. 🙂
      I’m just happy there was a way to keep him on breatmilk, without the pain for me and the stress of trying to seek help and getting nowhere.

      I can’t believe it’s December already : / I need to download skype to my phone too. Miss you hun…

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