Manicure: Halloween 2015

Halloween, Manicures

Hello there strangers, and how are you all today? I’m fantastic, because tomorrow is October and I’m ready for it.

My first Halloween nail art of the year is this matte black with spider web, and black glitter accent nails. It took very little time and was so easy thanks to stamping plates.

A tip for stamping only the parts of the image you want, is to use a small piece of scotch tape or your finger to remove the sections you don’t want off of the stamper before transferring to your nail.

If anyone is would like more info about my stamping plates and a basic “How to stamp” blog post, comment and let me know!

Products Used:
O.P.I: Black Onyx
Illamasqua: Creator
Julep: Nicolette
Sephora: Matte Top Coat
Seche Vite Top Cost
Bundle Monster Stamping Plate: BM-H07
Creative Shop Stamper

 Eian, my little monster, is ready for Halloween too but getting a picture of this kid not moving is a joke. Everytime I picked up my phone, he ran at me and hugged me so I can’t really complain.




Compilation of Halloween Nail Art

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