Face of the Day: Winged Liner and Purple Wig

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Since the weather here in Northern VA has been rainy and cold for the past 3 days and will be for the next three days, I thought it was about time to pull my wigs out.

After watching Lisa Eldridge’s video ” Universally Chic Makeup” video (click here for video) the night before, I realized I haven’t touched my makeup in weeks, and thought to myself that it was time for an FOTD!

This post is brought to you by the fact that I broke the screen on my phone and couldn’t take an Instagram pic, I had to break out my big camera, try to find decent light, then remember how to take blog selfies with a camera instead of a phone. If I’m going to do all that work, I should just write-up a post while I’m at it!!

So here I am, it’s raining, cold, and my 10 month old is very concerned about the long purple hair I grew in the hour he was napping.

Hoping your weekend has better weather than mine!!



The selfie I took with my tablet!!

Wig from Lush Wigs.

7 thoughts on “Face of the Day: Winged Liner and Purple Wig

  1. Your makeup is gorgeous (well always is!) and your short croppy hair is awesome! I love it! The last pic is super beautiful! I know this post was about the wigs but WOW. Seriously that photo is amazing. Okay so I do love the purple hair! Scroll back through my instagram…I dyed my daughters hair blue! She loves it and it’s become her signature! Have a beautiful weekend. Print that photo and hang it!!!!! Badass! 🙂 Koko❀

      1. I did it by accident earlier in the year because my front facing camera is crap. So I figured now that my screen is broken, it’s applicable.

  2. You look great with that blue and you look just as beautiful with your short hair! I hope you had a nice weekend so far and have a great Sunday! <3<3<3

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