About Llewsoba!

I’m a mother, wife, cook, pole dancing student, nail art junkie, painter, gamer, ex smoker and an aspiring Makeup Artist. I started this blog as an outlet for a love of makeup, it has since turned into a place for me to provide my opinions on things, considering that I myself Google product reviews before I buy anything (unless it’s a new release that I want ASAP).

I buy everything in my posts myself, because I want to use them, not because they are trending and will drive traffic. Would I like to work with companies to bring you previews of new products?? Of course I would, and trust me when I say Notations will be made on those posts, should that ever happen!

I would like to see blogging return to its original form, as a useful, honest place for people to get information about something they’re uncertain about purchasing. No click bait, no spam, no photoshopped unrealistic crap, no lies. I hope you’ll join me, and love what you find here!

See Gallery for a preview!

A Boswell

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7 thoughts on “About Llewsoba!

  1. Love this intro! I appreciate the honesty of not using editing stuff especially for makeup related photos. It really is a lie and does nothing but make people feel inferior about things that aren’t even reality!

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