Manicure: My Pink Zebra Lost His Marbles

Manicures, Water Marble

Pink Zebra Marbles !I made my first “successful” water marble attempt this week, I did make quite a few mistakes as you can see in the photo. Most of the mistakes were due to me being tired and this taking some time to get right. I’ve seen more than my share of water marble videos but the most helpful by far is from Youngandwildpolish on YouTube (click here to be taken to her tutorial).

I haven’t figured out all the steps, such as removing my finger from the water, as you can see by all the water spots on the left hand. Figuring out which polish will work in the water, and then being able to make the shapes in the polish is the hardest part for me. O.P.I works very well, so I will be purchasing more of their polishes.

Pink Zebra UseI will be making more attempts at this type of manicure, because even with the mistakes I made it looks pretty cool!!

What do you think, have you tried to do a water marble manicure?!
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Products Used:
O.P.I: Alpine Snow
O.P.I: Black Onyx
Liberty: Republic Lovespell
Sinful Colors Silver Glitter
Seche Vite Top Coat
Dotting Tool
Orange Stick