Art Kisses, an adventure with lips. Part 1

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So, since I have quit smoking and I can put things on my lips now and have them stay! I do believe I am going to make Art Lips my new “thing”! I imagine it will be quite fun to go to the grocery store in my sleepy, backwoods town with them on.. or I am going to have to smack someone. Either way it will be fun!

Below are some of the lips I have been wearing lately…

(These pictures were edited with Google Picasa. Soft focus to keep the attention on the lips and not parts of my face, and some other fun and games.)
Magenta Glitter Lip 2Magenta Glitter! Whooo, they started this whole thing. I was just sitting around doing lips. I am desperately trying to force myself into lip colors. I have never been comfortable in lipstick. This started as a red lip, and then I packed some magenta glitter over the top! Funny that I was more comfortable in glitter lips, than in just red lipstick, why is that?!?!

Acid Green BRIGHT ASS GREEN OMBRE! Not really my color, but I do love me some green.

Rainbow Candy lip + Glitter
Candy/Rainbow/Gay Pride Lip: AWESOME! I had to add glitter, I’m an addict! I screamed for my son to come in and then laid a big glittery rainbow kiss on him! >:)
Teal LipTeal Glitter….. the left picture is my Mommy ” Tough Shit Face” My son just happened to walk through the room and say something to me, to which I made this face and clicked the remote on my camera. It is a rather nice picture of me if I do say so myself! >:) I am also now addicted to the Neon effect in Google Picasa. All these lip pictures come in handy as profile pictures too!! I will say the teal was not good for teeth color, it made them look yellow, which is not cool!

DSC_0019 This didn’t turn out as amazing as it was in my head. It’s alright.. but something is wrong with it. Maybe I should have added glitter?!? Either way, Vampy Goth Red Lip >:)

Purple Glitter lip
Purple Glitter was part of my Grunge Raccoon look, which I will probably wear next time I go out. I miss loads of black eye-makeup. Either way.. PURPLE!

Disco Balls Disco Ball Lips!! Super uncomfotable and a HUUUUGE pain in the ass to do.. but looks freaking awesome!!!

I hope you had as much fun checking this post out as I did making it. Comment below if there is something you would like to see on the next edition!

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