Review: Illamasqua Sealing Gel


“One drop of this cult product turns any powder into a colour-intense, water-resistant paste that dries quickly and lasts for hours. Blend with Powder Eye Shadow, Pure Pigment, Eye Brow Cake or Eye Liner Cake and use across the face and body for endless creative opportunities. Be bold, be original and stand out from the crowd”.

This is my new best friend. Now I can make eyeliner in any color and not worry about smudging it!
Sealing Gel
The left picture is random eyeshadow colors mixed with the gel, and the far right picture is after I ran my finger across them about 10 times. I wasn’t gentle about it either! :/

The swatches are mix of drugstore and high-end shadows!
This comes as two 0.2 oz jars, which is awesome. One for home, one for kit! Woot!

Sealing gel brows

I have been using this for my brows, and eyeliner since I got it! I will never be without this product again. For the price of one high-end eyeliner, I can have eyeliner in any color I want!

The one, and I mean ONE bad thing about this is, when you use it with shadow it  does create a “crust” so I use  the same corner each time. The “crust”  does come off easy enough. I sometimes  scrape a bit of whichever color I’m using off and then mix.

This product is PERFECT for pigments, as you can mix in the lid, and there is no “crusting” like there is on pressed shadows!!

Sealing gel2

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4 thoughts on “Review: Illamasqua Sealing Gel

  1. Ok I think I have seen enough reviews now that I am happy to buy this *Goes to the ONLY Australian stockist* SOLD OUT? AND $23 dollars. Sigh, Australia I hate you. I may as well buy it direct from Illamasqua and pay the difference in shipping 😦

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