Favorites: January 2014

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…I feel like this month has taken F O R E V E R to end. Longest month of my life!

Jan 2014

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette: Gorgeous, warm, yummy smelling colors! I’ve been using this everyday since I got it! (Click here for full review)

Urban Decay Naked Skin: Back in love with this again, my skin gave me some trouble for a while there. When my skin is really dry I hate all foundations. I still use this everyday, and I’m not even halfway through the bottle. Little goes a long way!! (Click here for full review)

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector: I have a sample size of this in Opal, and I LOVE IT!!! Having dry skin, I mix this in with my foundation and its amazing. I only powder under my eyes and where I don’t want to be too shiny, and the rest looks great!

Benefit Hoola: I stopped using this for a while, but I’ve been reaching for it again lately. Really great bronzer!

Marc Jacobs Gel Liner: I love it, and I hate it. I’ve got a full review coming soon… but since I do own it, I have been using it quite a lot!

Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss: I got this out of a mystery box, I hated it at first since it’s a pink/grey lip gloss! I wear this almost everyday. Its nude, but not the same generic nude as everyone else. Looks a bit corpsie but I like that about it!

No7 Lash Adapt Mascara: Best. Freaking. Mascara. Ever. I love this stuff, I wear this everyday, it looks amazing. It’s cheap. LOVE!

Vaseline Lip Therapy: I found this in the bottom of one of my spring/summer purses. I remember that I loved how cute the tiny pot was, but had trouble using it because I have nails. When I opened it, I found the product had shifted to one side, which makes it easier to get my finger in. Love it…. love love love, feels amazing!

TRESemme Cashmere Touch Serum: I bought this because I have dry everything, including hair. I didn’t want to spend a ton of a salon brand serum, since they never really work. This one however, surprised the shit out of me. I put this on my D E A D ends, and it actually made them soft for a few hours. When you have dry, broken, dead ass hair.. a couple of hours of softness is a miracle! I do still use this after showers, because it smells good and I still have dry hair, but that’s because I’m a dry sponge of a person!


Let me know if you want more in depth posts for any of these products, you can find me on Facebook and Twitter.


10 thoughts on “Favorites: January 2014

  1. I am getting that TreSemme serum asap 0_o my hair dies a little every day. I loved the intro, in every favorites post I have seen so far and every video, every one is like “oh January just flew by, I don’t know where it went” and then there’s Amy “F**k you January Y U no end sooner???”

  2. Hey babe ^_^ I think you had a swatch about that “corpsie” lipgloss somewhere here and I liked it very much. All your favorites are very tempting” I’ll keep them in mind 🙂 I’m sure February will pass quicker and then it’s already March and it will be practically spring yayyyy

    1. I think you’re right, best gray lip gloss ever.

      February is a short month, gotta get all the spring cleaning done so I can play when it gets warm.

    1. I always forget to pay attention to what I use each month. I’ve started keeping a box, and I put that months favs in it as I notice I’m using them a lot.

      1. That’s a smart idea! I generally don’t use different products, only lip products & eye products.

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